Top Model — wow

Wow. So as I watch this top model, I again understand why this show caught on the way it has. Get girls together and watch the cattiness fly.  Im sorry Courtney is gone.. Was seriously hoping she would have been around at least to the top four.  It also is surprising that the Bitch role has changed from Bianca to Ashley and Lulu. Those two are now the  interchangable bitch title.  My girl Jennifer worked that dressed tonight. I do hope she makes it at least to top 4.  It just really funny that these chicks are like critiquing everybody when at the end of the day, its the judges opinions that matter. I agree with Nicole that they should leave that shit in the house.

Hehehe Lulu went home…. She quote” I know we  did good this week”  Guess ya didnt. Karma is a bitch. Talking ish about The girl that actually got picked to stay.. Hmmm


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