The Fix is in——- AHHHH




Ok OK.  This is the final straw.. Last week, they left Erin on the show and kicked Brittany off.  The week before they kicked off Rae.  What the hell? What kinda behavior are we teaching? be a brat and stay. She basically wished Nicole to suck and Messed up a photo shoot with Russell James.. Good Grief. I loved how all the other girls looked when Erin got called.  The sad thing I am noticing is they seem to always put the edit in of the girl who wants Erin gone and then by some magical fairy dust, they end up being kicked off. I guess the other Girls really shouldnt say anything and just let Erin flounder.. Are they giving her extra chances cause she is the youngest?  that’s BS cause they know full well that doesnt happen in the industry if they dont like ya.




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