DING DONG the Wicked Brat is Gone and One of my favs got dismissed

Well Top model did the unexpected and got rid of two models tonight. Unfortunately, they did let go of one of my favs, Jennifer.. Jen where ever you are I LOVE YOU!!! you are extremely phenomenal and when I get to be a kickass photographer would love to shoot you. Your whole body of work plus your personality, truly amazing. I wish you much success.  They did finally get rid of Erin. Though Erin has a great model look, her attitude is basically what turned me off of her.  I know secretly everyone wants the other person to fail, but for Pete’s sake put your best face and attitude forward.  I am looking forward to the finale to see who goes all the way.

Images copyright of CW

GOOD LUCK NICOLE AND LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that you all made it to the top 4 means you are all probably working now.

WOOO HOOO  Wanna be on Top??? http://www.cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model13


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