The longest day has an end


Since working at my new job, it seems to be just one really long day.  Everyday there is always the expectation  that something will be wrong, someone or groups of people will get yelled at, someone else will take credit or someone will be threaten about keeping their job. Now, I understand in this job market when most companies are keeping themselves in the black by not hiring people for positions they have open, but people should not have to feel like they must kiss someone’s butt just to keep their job.  I have learned the attitudes of mostly everyone I work with but I am frankly getting annoyed of not being able to state my case and deal with someone’s verbal diarrhea. I am looking for a new job in fashion merchandising but corporate wise. I am going back to school for fashion merchandising so being a merchandising assistant or coordinator so i can grow and learn. I am a consummate learner and I pick up things very quickly.  My fellow co workers  are all looking for a new place to work and I am hoping that we all find something new that will allow us to us our talents. While I am learning, I am realizing this might not actually be a good fit for me.   I am hoping that the someone calls me back for a job interview so I can use the new skills I am learning both school and job wise.


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