AMA’s and the Twitterverse

I will admit.  I was only watching the AMA’s for Jennifer Lopez’s new song to see why she still is stuck in the 90’s.  As i began to watch, i decided to post by hour on my Facebook page and blow up my Twitter account with what I saw.  I can say while the Award show itself was somewhat entertaining ( Alicia Keys and JAy Z, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson), the wave of entertainment came from my friends commenting on my FB page and the postings on twitter just made it so much more entertaining.  What twitter has done is give instant info and commentary on awards shows. What used to be water cooler chatter the next day is instantaneous clowning and joking the same time on the same night.  I will say the American Music Awards felt rushed as if they got advertisers to only pay for 3 hrs. Almost every performance was lackluster like everybody was tired.   Also, the fact that Taylor swift won almost everything hit a nerve with most. Taylor is talented but How it is that GAGA won absolutely nothing. FOR REAL!?!?!?

Watching Mary’s performance made me miss 411 Mary. She a lil too happy but I still love Mary.  Whitney didnt try to hard to hit those notes and I dont blame her. Her pipes are not the same.  Rihanna performance left everyone confused and was ridick-ulous.  Black eyed Peas using a Nirvana sample. Um no.. Kurt rolled over in his grave.  Adam lambert closed the show.. AWFUL. and please oh please explain why perezhilton is still relevant? JLola fell on her ass and As my friend said she has enough cushion to bounce back.


All in all what made the AMA’s was the tweets and the FB comments.  Kudos to my tweet fam and my FB. Thanks for making this show more entertaining.


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