First Fashion Shoot of 2010

Well my foray back into the Fashion Photography game did not come without hiccups.  I booked 4 models and only 1 showed up. God only gives us what we can handle so I guess I just needed to handle 2people today which was fine. The truth though I was just really excited to see my girl Magali aka Glasslips. She can beat a face and she is an amazing person to work with. I convinced her to pose for me and she did. She is always willing to help and it was nice to get her beautiful face back in front of the lens.  The young lady who did show up was Galina MM#1206299. Galina has gorgeous features and abeautiful personality, all the makings of a great model. I was not disappointed.  Below are the images I captured today of these two beautiful ladies.

Thank You UNIVERSE 🙂

I am happy about these images


The return of the shooter

Today was my first person shoot of 2010. The person was Chuck Holliday who recently has become back of the wonderful fashion magazine Zink in their digital department.  Congrats to Sir Chuck and his awesomeness.  Today,  I was shooting my B&W city series which is ongoing for me. I chose the meatpacking district of NYC since it is an area that I have not been in about 6 years. Boy  have things changed. It is now a thriving fashionista and club nation.  Walking the area with Chuck, you can see the new, but you still have the old sense of what the neighborhood was.  Something that NYC and the people building up everywhere should consider. New York is slowly losing what makes it great and I am not to happy about it but I digress.

Chuck, thankfully put up with my camera malfunctions.  Seems the behemoth as I call him, my Nikon D200, didn’t appreciate being dormant for so long and being out in the cold made him a bit twitchy but he finally warmed up to it.  I will say I am so glad I am shooting again. It felt so nice to be back on my game.  The next step is to get my website back to up and running status and to bring all of you the new 2010 heat. I’m excited and very thankful.

Enjoy the Imagery and welcome to DRACO PHOTOGRAPHY ’10

Fierce and Fabulous — Our first window to pass with flying colors at JCPenney NYC

I am working a visual specialist at the new JCPenney in Manhattan. Each month , there is a usually a theme corporate sends down to use for the windows.  The theme for February is Fiercely fabulous.  So I was told to pick clothes based on theme and create outfits.  I will say the process of picking and creating took about an hour with consultation from my supervisor.

Here is the result and our manager said we did a phenomenal job.  What a great way to start 2010 😉

Brands from JCPenney used in this window.  Should you wanna shop, drop by the NYC store or go to

Oxford and Regent

She Said

Bisou Bisou by Michele Bohbot


Mix IT

Southpole Sunglasses

City Street

I heart Ronson


Nicole Miller Handbags

Allen B

Photography- One of my more consistent relationships

Today was and still is an interesting day. Having absolutely nothing to do and since I really don’t have interest in the Superbowl, my mind has been racing. Besides, doing a little cleaning up this morning, I took a walk with my mom today. My mom is on her own path of losing weight and I am going to try my best and help her out. I want my mom around for a long time so I have my own selfish reasons for helping her.  I do enjoy walking but walking with my mom is especially fun because it is just like walking with a friend who knows you inside and out.  As I was walking, it felt good because even with it being cold, it felt good being outside.  Walking around and seeing the shots in my head made me realize the relationship I have with photography.  Photography and I have had our arguments & disagreements even to the point where the camera has gathered dust.  Now I know full well after all the dough that has been spent on the equipment, they need to more than just be overpriced paperweights.  After freeing myself and realizing I really dont have limitations, I feel like photography has bitten me again and looking forward to diving in head first back into it.  What I love about my relationship with photography is it really never left me and has always been waiting for me to feel better again to love it more again.  I’m sorry that I ever let it get to a point of neglect but I am making promise to get back on the saddle and keep going.  My competition is myself because I know I can be better and that  I am surrounded by some really talented people who have inspired me in ways they will never fully understand.  It has bitten me so bad that I can look at a person instantly and tell if  they are worthy of being shot.  Thats sounded egotistical but we all have different thresholds of beauty and Sometimes people souls talk to me before they do.

I am very happy to be back on my shooting journey. Im sure Jameka is too but If i let her know she is one of the inspiring people, she may get a big head 😉

Bad Jan… very Bad Jan

Hey Good folks.  Sorry  I havent been blogging like I should but I school and work does keep me quite busy. I will probably be blogging when I have the time or just make it.  For the first time since this year started, I have actually gotten yelled at.  At my job, it doesn’t happen much anymore so it wasnt there. It was actually from sir Chuck Holliday.  I let my brand name Draco Photography lapse in its online presence and he basically scolded me. Now I can’t say I didn’t have it coming. I have not even told Jameka yet but im sure she must know. After all,my self-imposed hiatus meant some changes.  I am going to work on getting the domain back. Hopefully, my web mistress will give up the .com handle. If not, I guess I will need to float under a for awhile. Chuck is angry cause I didnt tell him what happened but he forgot, I was not really talking to too many people so nobody really knew.  This year however, I will turn things around and get my brand back up and running. I might as well start fresh and get brand new work up there.  The Draco Photography brand has been dormant but it will make a truimphant return this year and what better way to start it off than to shoot B&W.

I will be better 🙂