Bad Jan… very Bad Jan

Hey Good folks.  Sorry  I havent been blogging like I should but I school and work does keep me quite busy. I will probably be blogging when I have the time or just make it.  For the first time since this year started, I have actually gotten yelled at.  At my job, it doesn’t happen much anymore so it wasnt there. It was actually from sir Chuck Holliday.  I let my brand name Draco Photography lapse in its online presence and he basically scolded me. Now I can’t say I didn’t have it coming. I have not even told Jameka yet but im sure she must know. After all,my self-imposed hiatus meant some changes.  I am going to work on getting the domain back. Hopefully, my web mistress will give up the .com handle. If not, I guess I will need to float under a for awhile. Chuck is angry cause I didnt tell him what happened but he forgot, I was not really talking to too many people so nobody really knew.  This year however, I will turn things around and get my brand back up and running. I might as well start fresh and get brand new work up there.  The Draco Photography brand has been dormant but it will make a truimphant return this year and what better way to start it off than to shoot B&W.

I will be better 🙂


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