The return of the shooter

Today was my first person shoot of 2010. The person was Chuck Holliday who recently has become back of the wonderful fashion magazine Zink in their digital department.  Congrats to Sir Chuck and his awesomeness.  Today,  I was shooting my B&W city series which is ongoing for me. I chose the meatpacking district of NYC since it is an area that I have not been in about 6 years. Boy  have things changed. It is now a thriving fashionista and club nation.  Walking the area with Chuck, you can see the new, but you still have the old sense of what the neighborhood was.  Something that NYC and the people building up everywhere should consider. New York is slowly losing what makes it great and I am not to happy about it but I digress.

Chuck, thankfully put up with my camera malfunctions.  Seems the behemoth as I call him, my Nikon D200, didn’t appreciate being dormant for so long and being out in the cold made him a bit twitchy but he finally warmed up to it.  I will say I am so glad I am shooting again. It felt so nice to be back on my game.  The next step is to get my website back to up and running status and to bring all of you the new 2010 heat. I’m excited and very thankful.

Enjoy the Imagery and welcome to DRACO PHOTOGRAPHY ’10


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