Interview with the extremely talented Jackie Lund

I am doing a slight change to my blog and I am going to be doing interviews with some of my favorite photographers.

Today’s Interview is with the talented Jackie Lund who is located in Washington state. Jackie is a photographer who I “met’ via Model Mayhem. I immediately gravitated to her because 1) loved her images and 2) she is a female photographer.

I want to thank Jackie so much for taking time out to talk to me.

1)      How long have you been a Photographer?

About 5 Years

2)      Tell me what got you started in photography?

My husband is a photographer and every time he would talk about photography I would always ask “What’s the big deal?” He told me to learn about it and I would see why he liked it so much. So I started to read some books, learned online as well as trial and error.

 3)      What do you like most about photography?

I like the creativity and in seeing your imagination on paper or in your head come alive in a photo.

4)      What is your least favorite part of photography?

People who flake on shoots that I have traveled out-of-state or country to attend.

 5)      Where do you see your career going?

  I would really like to make this a full-time career and either shoot for beauty campaigns or in a well-known magazine.

6)      Have you participated in a modeling/photography workshop?


7)      What advice would you give to those who want to become a photographer?

Get out there and practice; it’s trial and error to improve. You’ll meet people a long the way who will try to put you down, but just brush them off and keep doing your own thing.

 8)      Who would be your dream person to work with?

I would love to photograph Halle Berry because she is a beautiful lady. I would love to photograph James Earl Jones or Sean Connery just to hear them talk. I would love to photograph alongside Art Wolfe because I love his travel images.

9)      What was your most creative shoot?

So far, my most creative shoot would be the “Project Hardware” shoot because I made the necklaces and hair clips out of supplies from the hardware store.

10)  What was your best client experience?

After borrowing some clothes from a local women’s’ clothing boutique, the owner liked the images so much he used 2 of the images as store window displays.

11)  Ever had a bad client experience?

I’ve had bad experiences like everyone else, but I just try to move on and learn from them.

12)  What magazine is your dream to work with?

 Vogue or National Geographic

13)  Any favorite time period that inspires you?

No real favorite time period, but I do like the 60s

14)  What do you think a photographer should do to prepare for a shoot?

Make sure your camera battery is charged and you have plenty of CF cards or film. Also, make sure you have contact numbers for everyone on the shoot

 15)  What genres of photography do you shoot?

Beauty, Fashion and Glamour on occasion

16)  What might we find in your camera bag?

Right now, Canon camera, 3 lens, wireless trigger remote, light meter, a long of CF cards, business cards, hand sanitizer, lens/camera cleaner, ear plugs, pens, tissues and clips.

17)  Do you have any favorite subjects and which one would you most want to work with?

If you are asking about favorite models, I have those that I’ve really enjoyed working with and would definitely work with again, but I don’t like to make that known to everyone.

18)  Are you multitalented (doing more than just photography)?

 I used to play the saxophone in high school, but not anymore

 19)  What are your personal opinions about retouching?

I think images shouldn’t be over retouched so that it looks like the person’s skin was painted on.

To view Jackie’s work and to contact her, go to Lund Studio

Thank you Jackie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!