What I am learning from the twitter universe

I know some of if not most of you are familiar with Twitter, The new lovely social media platform where you have 140 characters to say what you need to say.  Amazing how quickly people reduce their conversations to almost acronym friendly. I have been on twitter since November 2008 and I honestly can’t believe it has been almost two years.  What I am learning about twitter is how we interact and know about people. I know there are a plethors of blogs about twitter and how you are supposed to behave, but honestly you must have been raised by rock to not realize how you should behave. As with any social situation, you should always give yourself the proper introduction. On twitter, you are allowed to only put a certain amount of information about yourself so try and make it relevant and interesting.  I have read quite few profiles on there and some of them are a hotmess. 

When I first started to “tweet”, I thought I had to follow the world. Of course, I followed people I knew in real life. After it only makes sense to be part of a social network with your friends. Next I began to look for people who share my same interests.  Photography, Fashion, Writing, Books, Travel and everything about NYC.

I got followed by some strange people at first and couldn’t understand why I was being followed by them in the first place. My tweets from the beginning till now have been pretty random. I almost tweet when I feel I have something profound to say. This being profound in my mind. I am sure ( if not positive ) I have lost a few followers for my randomness but I am not a serious blogger yet. Though I do love fashion, I don’t have a strong enough blog following to be invited to fashion shows or receive swag gifts from various companies. I however to enjoy writing and what I love about twitter is it is like my own personal news scan. It is almost like have a mini CNN prompter come up with various stories from across the world.  I don’t know how many times I have learned about news, books, things going on in the city from twitter. What I love about twitter also is the ability to make lists. This has helped me immensely in keeping all the topics I like in one link to just read about certain things.  Twitter is also a world of hashtag which is something everyone in the twitterverse finds important at the time. One of the favorite parts of twitter is #FF or follow friday. I especially dig this because I can see who my friends follow to see if I would like to follow them too. It is funny how people collect followers like they would collect baseball cards.   What makes twitter great but also not so great is the cliques. Sometimes it feels like highschool where only the cool kids will talk and respond to the other cool kids. This is especially true for the fashionistas ( not all, just some) But that is fashion. It is supposed to have some level of pretentiousness.

Overall it is supremely fun media platform but not for all. As with anything, there are always those that may not like it for various reasons. Can’t  please everybody. It took me forever to join Facebook and i predominantly harass my friends and play Zynga games like nobodies business. I will say that twitter has helped me to connect with interesting folks and learn more about the fashion industry and have introduce me to some great music.

I am happy to be part of the twitterverse and for those looking to add me http://www.twitter.com/JanineAdd76


One thought on “What I am learning from the twitter universe

  1. hi!This was a really brilliant post!
    I come from itlay, I was luck to approach your blog in baidu
    Also I learn much in your topic really thanks very much i will come again

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