Branding and why now it is so important

About 10 to 20 years ago, brand was synonymous with food, clothing and services that we used. Just like no matter what adhesive bandage you use for a wound, you always call it a bandaid because that brand name is ingrained in your mind. In this new Millennium, the everyday Joe schmoo now has to make himself/herself a brand. You now have to become someone wants to have on their team, what’s to hire, wants to work with. There was a time when being a triple threat was only left for those in the entertainment field but now everyone has to be able than just a person. I guess that is why sometimes we beat ourselves to be better and do more. Now I am not saying not to improve on oneself, but don’t drive yourself crazy to be able to do everything. You can’t be all things to anyone but find things you love to do. They have a plethora of self help books and assessment tests so people van find their niche. Who knew when blogging started that in the millennium you can make money from it. Blogging is nothing but an online diary full of someone’s thoughts. It is amazing how other people gravitate to those thoughts and make the blog so popular. I have noticed that anything artistic, technology or socially based seem to be riding high at this time. While it is great that you are building a name for yourself, finding your niche and building your brand, as with well known companies, you have to very careful with what you do and what you say. These days you can’t vent about the bad day you may have had at work to your buds online because businesses are monitoring facebook, twitter and most social media accounts. Freedom of word is not somewhat limited because you can just say anything and depending on where you work , you may not be even able to talk or blog about things you like because it goes against the company. Now I know there are many blogs to teach people how to behave online but if your parents raised you with values and respect, then most of what you read is nothing new. I myself am learning how to brand myself. There are things I love to do but to make them work together is the challenge for me. I do have help but I know my mind. It thrives on new and learning so while I can focus, when an idea hits me, I gotta write it down and just let me mind go hence why this post came to fruition


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