I have a new addiction – Jamba Juice Smoothies

Yes I know I am extremely late on this but I dont care. I have a Jamba Juice Smoothie addiction. Now while I have my fair amount of smoothies in my lifetime, only last month did I decide to try a Jamba Juice Smoothie. I know Jamba Juice has been around for a while but I never thought to set foot into one about a month ago. This all happened during one of my walks from Soho to 34th street in NYC. I passed this Jamba Juice on 23rd and 5th more times than I can count. I decided to stop in and try it. I took my first plunge and ordered a power size Strawberry Whirl. I figure if I am going to try something, I might as well go big. I ordered the fruit smoothie cause my system is totally lactose intolerant. Well from the first sip, I completely fell in love. Now I am psycho to find out if there is a Jamba anywhere I am walking. Around my job in Soho, the one on west Houston is 1 block away. So far, I have been there 3 times and of course logged my drop-ins on Foursquare (That is another blog topic). I have had so far Strawberry Whirl, Five Fruit Frenzy, pomegranate paradise and Mega Mango. I was offered the oatmeal once but it seems to sell out fairly quickly which means I need to wake up early to see what the hubbub is all about.  I have yet to add any boosts. One thing I have noticed though is my skin has looked amazing since drinking these smoothies so believe they will stay a good part of my diet.  Luckily for me tomorrow, I get to get another power size. I guess Peach perfection is on the menu.

GO Jamba for you have found a new addict in me 🙂


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