Comic and Anime Con – NYC

Well This is my second time going to comic con and My first time at Anime con. First things first.  This convention is a huge Fanboy/Fangirl Haven. Secondly, it is not for nerds only. I really do not know why we even use that word anymore because everyone is a bit of nerd. We all have things we “geek” Out about. Like people who live and breathe fashion( you are a fashion geek) , the tech heads, Movie buff, and so on.  When I first started walking, at first I only saw groups of guys walking together. Almost like they are on a LOTR journey. By the time I arrived to Jacob Javitz, the throngs of people and the line to get in were quite ridonk. There were plenty of chubby boys, ultra skinny boys, Chubby girls, ultra skinny girls, real young kids, real old people. Get my drift. Almost the whole world and age, social and economic demographic is in this building. There was a line to get in line to get to the convention floor. Though it may seem convoluted, believe it is the best way. Some people just don’t know how to act. I was there with my BF and his brother-in-law and by the time we got to floor, the massiveness of it all can be overwhelming. Luckily for me, I am not a huge fan of just one thing so I didn’t mind walking around and browsing.  I got to see the new MJ Dance game for the Wii. Great for the Die hard Michael Jackson fan and people who love to dance. OF COURSE MARVEL and DC had the most phenomenal booths. We walked around all over that convention center which by the way , great exercise.

While I did not see as many anime costumes that I would I have liked, The costumes I did see were enough. While there were amazing ones, Chewbacca, Storm trooper, desert trooper and predator, there were plenty of other costumes that people really should have never put on. I know you people love these movies and these animes but for the love of god, if you don’t have the funds or the body to get a decent costume or decent body for it, leave it home. In New York, most people don’t care but in a place like that the whole point really is authenticity. Walking around a spandex nightmare hot mess so not cute. Also what exactly is it with the big wings, big ass weapons and then not paying attention to the fact that you have these big ass things and beating people with them. But I digress. Overall, Comic Con is truly amazing and just Good fun.

Glad I made it home in one piece.


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