Stay true to your word

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Sometimes it boggles my mind why people do unnecessary lip service. Over my entire life I have heard or had to deal with unnecessary lip service. My definition of lip service is basically saying things you honestly don’t mean. Stop lying!! I know in the workplace sometimes we put on fronts just to deal with people but on a personal level, why are you lying… Especially to me. I have always been honest with people I deal with on personal level. It is not because I want to always hurt their feelings cause some truths are not hurtful but I do not say things I don’t mean. I have no time to gas up your head or stroke your ego. I made a promise to myself to always try something new and within reason. I know their are those that just go out there and do whatever and while I applaud those brave souls, I know I am not that brave. I will listen to new music and see how it touches my spirit. I will go to museums and learn about anything I can. I try and make new friends to not only learn about them but learn what makes them tick. But I am not going to lie to you. Currently I am going a cycle of putting myself out there to find someone who I can vibe with. As you read from my prior entries, I’m out in the dating world. I have had contact with some pretty great guys in words ( I have yet to meet them) but so far so good. Now while I know the world gets busy and time seems to slip through our fingers, truth is if you really are thinking about someone, you will send a msg of some sort just so they know you are a thought. If I don’t really hear from someone after a day, I let them go. Why? Is a day not long enough? Of course a day is long enough. There are 24 hrs in it so not sending a response no bueno. Also, I tried chasing after guys and they don’t like it, so why chase. If you can’t have the decency to take time out to say hi, then I guess I wasn’t that important. Also, if you aren’t interested anymore, you can say so. I rather you be up front than have me blowing in the wind. Actions always speak louder than words. So I say to world end the lip service, tell the truth and make everyone’s life a lil easier. Thanks


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