Living your Life without regrets

Yesterday I went out with a friend I have not seen in about 10 years. This was due to life. I moved on from the job where we worked together and she being the free spirit she is was traveling and for the last 2 years was living and thriving. Unfortunate circumstances brought her back to NY and I am glad I had a chance to reconnect. As she was telling me about her travels, she brought out something I have not thought of in a long time. I made a list of places a long time ago which I wanted to visit (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Japan). All these places I wanted to go and roam because they still have remnants of their past that are still alive and well even in these modern times. I did not want to be the typical tourist. I want to see things not on the beaten path. But with how things are these days, everyone is fearful and such. But after talking with her, I realized we are only afraid because we choose to be. So I am planning to go to Japan and Korea. I was surfing the net and saw there are all these wonderful tours in both countries. So why not? Now I know funds are tight but why not put out in the cosmos this is one of things I want do. Who knows? I could when the lotto tomorrow and be well on my way ( of course after paying off everything I want) 🙂 sometimes we always put certain dreams or goals on the back burner because we are faced with harsh realities. But if the secret has taught me anything its is that everything is possible as long as we believe so I am making this dream part of my reality.


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