Not everyone deserves a second chance…. only a chosen few

Life is full of ups and downs.  As most of y’all have read,  I am going through a relationship issue. Now I know, all relationships have issues. Some bigger than others.  In my relationship issue, it was question of trust. Now, it is not the baby mama drama or he cheated on me like a Jerry Springer episode. It was a question of trusting me with his feelings.  I have trust issues sometimes because people talk a lot of bull shit.  People love to say things just to try to keep people in line or in check. In a relationship, you have to open yourself to someone else or you just playing like you’re in one.  I know there are some people in relationship for the sake of not being alone but how is that fair to the other person.

I decided to give my boyfriend after the break a second chance. Why? Because he knew I loved him for who he was.  Even with his faults ( no one is perfect) I still love him. I know I am not perfect but I trusted him with my heart and I want him to do the same.  Even though in the back of my mind I wonder if he will push me away again, when I talked with him from the very beginning of the relationship all I wanted was honest and open communication  and someone to really spend time with.  I do not have to young girl expectations of marriage.  Now I just want to be with someone who makes me happy and that I can make happy and be in a committed relationship. Marriage these days is slightly overrated and it should not be considered the end game when in a relationship.  There are so many self help books of timetables of when things should happen in a relationship  but only you can determine that.

Right now, im happy. When we were on our break, I was sad but my life was not empty. I am just happier now that we are back together. I think once people develop a solid sense of self, your relationships will be a hell of a lot better

Love ya hunny


2 thoughts on “Not everyone deserves a second chance…. only a chosen few

  1. I want the most happiness and growth for the both of you! I agree with so much of what you have said, and have said some of it recently myself! Relationships when you are young are about fancy fantasy and unrealistic expectations. When you get older, you realize that every prince has a little frog in him, and every princess has a wicked witch inside! So what do you do? YOU APPRECIATE YOUR WARTS TOGETHER!

    (Hmmm…that was pretty clever! LOL!).

    Relationships are not supposed to hurt, but they often do. Relationships should not destroy, I absolutely believe that. We often bump around trying to figure out so much when we are involved with another person when some things have to be explored and resolved while we are alone. That way, unnecessary drama won’t find it’s way into and complicate things.

    Great post, thanks so much for sharing!

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