Great New Music By Nuclear O Reilly

Nov 17th. Underground Lounge. CD Release Party for Nuclear O reilly. Great guys and super friendly. They were the first to do a completely instrumental album using I Phone. The party is going well. All of this brought to you Make It Happen Entertainment and JSW Media group. The CD is called Mixed Signals. Great remixes of some of your favs like Alicia Keys- girlfriend, On & On by Erykah Badu, Body Movin by beastie boys and More. The CD definitely speaks to my club and dance sensibilities. I asked Jared when the next album drops and he was saying how they are working on their own music as artists as well as working with other artists. Very cool vibe these 2 guys. Definitely support them. Their website is


Wii like to PS3 Move so we can XBOX Kinect with the best…. boy am i sore :)

Well I know I have not blogged in a while but this lovely topic came up while at work. Now, I have owned a Wii console for quite sometime and I know when I would do the Wii sports , the next day everything would hurt proven just how out of shape I am. I mean taking hot showers, soaking in a tub eve using the ever pleasant smelling ben gay. Wii did something that most video consoles did not do at the time and that is basically get you off your ass. Because of this, now PS3 and the omnipotent XBOX needs to get back the market share they so desperately lost. We have Move by PS3 which has almost the same type of controller as the Wii except for the ball on the end (slight giggle) and the Kinect from XBOX which you are the controller. XBOX and PS3 are making a huge push saying how moving is just not for Kiddie games and kids. Now I know that s a blow to nintendo but I know there are plenty of people who grew up with the Mario bros and had no issues. Now, with this whole get your ass of the couch movement, there have been a few issues. As Nintendo first learned, people not strapping the controller to their hand and making nice huge cracks in their television. People wanted to blame Nintendo instead of blaming themselves for not reading the instructions. (Remember people, reading is fundamental). So after we got over that hurdle, it now finding games that people would want to get of their butts about. Ere go, boxing, bowling, cooking, tennis, playing like an animal, shooting, sword fighting. The list goes on and on. But now it is a matter of after you have done this rigorous exercising, the level of soreness. I find this to be hilarious because we have gotten so lazy in this country, that we sometimes forget what it is to move. Yeah we walk everyday ( well some of us) and do certain things but exercise yeah no. So I am extremely happy that video game makers are helping people get off their asses. What I will warn thought is watch the commercials people and the lovely demonstrations given in best buy about the amount of space truly needed so as you don’t fall over and break your TVs.
Happy gaming 🙂

Mind your neck

Well as with everything, always a matter of time. Within a week your world can be ok to its basically crumbling around you. One of my friends suffered this week. I won’t go into specifics because it basically something we all have suffered. Now all of us have well meaning friends who do really and altruistically want to help. But we also have in our lives people who discount our feelings and take it upon themselves to be our savior and our mouthpiece. May I ask why? I didn’t realize I lost the ability to think, feel and speak for myself. Also, when did I acquire another mother?? These so called mouthpieces irk the shit out of me. We all know you aren’t trying to be helpful. You are trying to take advantage of the situation. Please be aware that everyone knows what you are doing so let me be your mouthpiece and tell you “MIND YOUR OWN F*+ING BUSINESS!!! Really?!?! Do me this favor. All you mouthpieces lose more friends that way. It basically gets to the point where you don’t know anything about your “friends” cause they aren’t telling you anything. Have you noticed your conversations with people are extremely superficial and no depth. Then you are probably a mouthpiece. I’m not sorry to tell cause it seems yall need to learn about yourselves.

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