Mind your neck

Well as with everything, always a matter of time. Within a week your world can be ok to its basically crumbling around you. One of my friends suffered this week. I won’t go into specifics because it basically something we all have suffered. Now all of us have well meaning friends who do really and altruistically want to help. But we also have in our lives people who discount our feelings and take it upon themselves to be our savior and our mouthpiece. May I ask why? I didn’t realize I lost the ability to think, feel and speak for myself. Also, when did I acquire another mother?? These so called mouthpieces irk the shit out of me. We all know you aren’t trying to be helpful. You are trying to take advantage of the situation. Please be aware that everyone knows what you are doing so let me be your mouthpiece and tell you “MIND YOUR OWN F*+ING BUSINESS!!! Really?!?! Do me this favor. All you mouthpieces lose more friends that way. It basically gets to the point where you don’t know anything about your “friends” cause they aren’t telling you anything. Have you noticed your conversations with people are extremely superficial and no depth. Then you are probably a mouthpiece. I’m not sorry to tell cause it seems yall need to learn about yourselves.


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