Pet peeves living in NYC and taking NYC Transit

Well I promised I was not going to gripe too much this year but living in NYC for 34 soon to be 35 years, riding NYC transit has been a huge part of my life and I do have a few pet peeves.

1) the raising of the fare – Now while I know everything and its mother goes up in price, this raising of the fare seems to go too far. It is getting to point where it seems they are raising like every 6 months yet we have to deal with closed stations, no attendants at certain stations, train traffic, constant fixing of lines, rush hour, late night 15 to 30 minutes waits for trains, police activity, sick passengers and no foreseeable improvement in times.

2) the musical chairs of train lines- let’s face over the last 10 years or so, MTA has played music chairs with most of the subway lines. If it not changing the route they take, its eliminating lines all together. So basically what they are saying to traveling public is ” Dont get used to your line cause we gonna change it anyway”

3) Rude ass passengers Please explain why people see a seat and proceed to squeeze in knowing full well they can’t fit and just want to make the ride uncomfortable for those around you and then when they sit, have to freaking fidget. If you gonna squeeze your ass in there, then stay still dammit. Don’t twiddle with your ipod, look for your phone or book or try to read a newspaper. If you wanted all those things, you should have them in your freaking hands already before you boarded and proceeded to sit on me.

3A) The run for the seat half way across the car passenger Why do you feel the need to kill yourselves and then when you feel like you won a freaking race no one was running with you, why do feel the need to look up at people around you. You already done disgusted half the car by making a bee line for a seat halfway across the car and probably pushed someone or stepped on someones toe to get there so keep your freaking head down and sit (trifling ass)

3b) Empty train car yet you need to be close to people passenger It seems humans have this innate ability to always be near other people, but if the train car is empty why to you need to park your ass near someone and for some odd reason, part of you ends up touching the person. Measure your ass and sit carefully. Is it really that hard

3c) Door guards that don’t move You all knows trains open on either side so move when people need to get one or off. Again, how hard is that?

3d) Close proximity people on platforms Again, I know platforms may get crowded, but if it is relativity empty why do you need stand in front of someone so you can get a seat. Go ahead and bum rush but realize people need to get off first.

4) Subway stations in need of repair why is it MTA does not seem to fix the stations that really need it. Example: Canal Street – Every station no matter the line, LEAKY and puddles of rust water and old water everywhere. This is why people make images of subways sinking in water.

These are only a few things but for those who read my blog feel free to list yours 🙂


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