Images from the Museum of the moving Image

This Museum is amazing. From the entrance to the airy and open architecture, anyone who loves movies, tv and photography, will love this museum.

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The museum is a an easy walk through as well as there is elevator access. They show short films and they even have the old video games that would be in hallways. That was great to see but it made realize how old I am (lol). All good though and I will definitely take a trip back.

Saw a great movie called Dolls vs dictators by Martha Colburn. Artisicially and Visually amazing.

For those who are visually driven, this is really the museum for you.

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I did not get to celebrate Valentine’s day last week with my love due to an unfortunate almost identity theft issue. (someone tried to use his card in 2 different places in the states). Anyway, my boyfriend was extremely sorry and kept apologizing.  How can I be mad at him? It was not his fault. But what I realized later is the reason for his is because of what we in grain in our minds and in our loved ones.  Valentine’s day is seen as this daunting holiday  where men buy everything they can think to make up for being slack asses or neglect full.   Let’s face it, if we really truly loved each other every day, valentine’s day would come and go without so much as a bear or dozen roses being bought out of urgency.    Love is not just about the physical gifts given but the emotional gifts.  There is still this notion out there that love is not supposed to hurt and if they really loved me they would not yell, we would not fight all the time  and so forth. Now before you think I am condoning cheating, let me explain. Everything in life needs balance. Not every day can be great or super wonderful. We as humans know this so why do we always expect our significant others to always be bright and sunny. Even the weather isn’t the same everyday. Too much of something good and we humans get bored. that’s why we do some of the destructive things we do.

Love has to be balanced. We cannot over or under love people.  But as we have heard so many times before, we have to love ourselves first. So why do we neglect ourselves when we are in relationships and get lost in the other person. Yes chemicals cause this imbalance but get yourself back and realize that this person is a wonderful addition to your life, NOT YOUR LIFE!

This sunday that just passed , my love took me to a place I have never been before and I was excited. It was not even the excitement of going someplace new, but the fact that he was thoughtful enough to take me to a museum. Now I know that may not sound very romantic, but I love going to museums. I love seeing how things were, are and maybe and living in NYC, we have so many museums, I love to go.  That complete thoughtfulness made me realize that I should stop saying to him that he doesn’t listen cause it is not true.

Love and relationships require work just like anything else in life.  I have a new level of love for my hunny because he made a real effort after what happened which was not his fault.

Valentine’s day to me is just a holiday to re affirm all the love you have in your life. I have many valentine’s because I have many people I love. I love my fantastic friends, I love my family(biological and adopted) and I love my boyfriend.

This post valentine’s day only taught me to continue to love everyday and take care of myself as well.