ooooooooo lookie here……. Interracial Dating

Since that blog I posted yesterday,  I decided to truly stop beating myself and write whatever I feel like on my blog, After all, its my blog so

ok Ok .. enough of me being immature. Anyhoo, as of March 2011, I became a Tumblr fiend. Fiend in the sense I freaking scour it everyday whether on my laptop or my phone. ( yeah yeah, don’t judge me) I have had the account since October of 2010 but did not really get into it until March. At first, i just didn’t understand what it was, then when my friend explained it was microblogging site, it really didn’t click till i took the time to surf around.  You may be asking what the hell does this have to do with interracial dating ( Well I’m getting to it)

So while on Tumblr (, get an account, you know you wanna), I found a blog for Black Women and Asian Men (which I totally follow).  The blog is dedicated to Asian Male and Black women couples and these couples are free to post images and submit stories of their relationships.  The reason why I follow the blog is because I have been in more than one Asian Male/ Black woman relationship and currently in one ( hi hunny). My mom taught me to be open-minded so I have dated Black , White, Japanese, Korean, Filipino. I have not dated a Hispanic man or Indian ( whether native or east ) not because I did not want to, I just never to seem to be in the places or single at the time to do so.

Anyway, the owner of the blog posted a video from YouTube (<—- click on that for video)from a black woman  explaining her take on why AMBW relationships really don’t work.

When the owner of the blog on Tumblr posted it, they felt they would lose followers because of what the young lady said. Now I will admit some of the things she says are true, but again it is her opinion. after all, someone asked her to give her opinion on it and you know what they say about opinions, everyone has one.

What she says in the video about how Asian parents feel about their boys bringing home a black girl is true to a point but I have decided to give you my take on interracial relationships in general no matter what the mixture is.If your parents are old school and you have older generations still alive in your family, guess what? they potentially will have a problem with you bringing home anyone that is not the same race as them. After all, in the times the grew up in , racism was huge ( it still is but now its just hidden racism but that’s another blog). There is somethings that some older  people always worry about and that is possibly diluting the blood line.  Sounds weird I know, but blood means a lot to people who don’t want races to mix. After all, mixture of DNA sometimes can produce weird things. Now before anyone gets their blood boiling, I am not calling mixed children weird things. Personally, the whole DNA things boggles my mind cause it doesn’t just deal with the current DNA but deal with the DNA of your entire family.  ( Yeah Sit and spin that in your mind for a minute).  After all, I am  african american female with naturally strawberry blonde hair born of two parents with dark brown hair but the red hair recessive gene decided to pop up after not showing up for a few generations and to think I had a one in four chance of being a redhead and guess what , I got blessed. Yes , I said blessed because I only truly as I got older really loved it, but when I was young being called Little Orphan Annie (so not cute). ( Yes that is what I look like and yes I was trying to be a model.The only change really is I my hair is now afro and I wear my glasses)

Yes that's me too

24 yr old me

So I can understand why some older generations have issues with races mixing. Each race comes with its own issues of what may be potential health problems and I know most people want happy and healthy children.

My issues with interracial dating is when people say they only date this race. REALLY!!!!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!  Why o why do you only date this race?

Sometimes I swear it is a fetish thing or phase. Most things that are different from what people consider their norm is exciting and new.You know what the truth is… we are all still people. Yes the outside packaging may be different but we are still people.  People who may have the same issues and baggage like  the next.  What people’s parents will need to realize is, if  they immigrated here and your children were born in the land of free, home of the free ( or weird… 10 points if anyone can remember where that saying is from), please be forewarned they are going to want experience all this country has to offer and that includes dating outside their race.   But for those that are dating inter-racially,  please oh please (i’m begging) 

begging.. see my bones

don’t make this  a phase thing and if it is… get it out of your system quick.  I am all for people being open-minded and learning about new cultures beyond theirs, but don’t think because you may have watched a novella, listen to k-pop, ate a slice of pizza, had some hummus, drank a Guinness, watched a french film and all the other plethora of things you can do to claim you love another race just to say you will only date that race. GET REAL!!!!  When you date, date you who are physically and mentally attracted to. I know that means kissing a lot of frogs or dealing with a lot of others people’s baggage, but Be a better informed date before you make yourself a designation to just one.

Thanks for your time 😉

( Not like I stated anything truly knew because those with common sense knew this already )


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