Did you make it????… I hope so

Well hello out there. Did you survive the end of days as marked by Harold Camping? In fact  Australia and Japan survived and I didn’t see a peep about anything wrong over on CNN.

I know I did and I sincerely hope you did too. This man told people who at 6pm in each time zone, the world would suffer a global earthquake


and the true end of days would be October 21st.  Now we all know about the Mayan calendar prediction of December 21st, 2012. It seems the number 21 has significance in the end of days. Most people who I talked to about this Camping prediction did not even know what the hell I was talking about or if they did, completely called the man crazy or insane.  I was also told that bible states that man will not know the hour of the world’s end only the Father knows. So Am I to believe that since Mr. Camping predicted this, That he is Father in human form? UHH  NO!The four horsemen of the apocalypse

Now we have seen many movies talking about the end of days. In fact there was movie with that title. We have had Armageddon,Deep Impact, and  huge plethora of post apocalyptic movies that include the world being full of zombies

It's Zombies Children

or mankind turning into cannibals. We even have timeline movies like terminator in which robots come back in time to try to save the savior of the world.

Now, with all the movies and stories we have heard of or seen, one thing is clear. Mankind survives by the skin  of its teeth because of super drill on meteor that drops a bombs that splits it, We still have weaponry because somehow bullets never ran out in the future cause no matter where you live there a gun shop. There is some human who can kick ass and kill every zombie if they are outnumbered, Somehow as a dead zombie, you have super human speed and can run like no ones business, but i digress.

Anyhoo, not to be a bummer but seriously people, we cannot predict when the world when end or when bad things happen. I know they are talking about well look about what we see and hear on the news about the earthquakes , tsunamis, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. Let us be real. Mother nature controls that, we don’t. We may have exacerbated it with what we release into our atmosphere and our oceans, but no matter how hard we try, (SAY IT WITH ME) WE CANNOT CONTROL NATURE!!!

What I will say is this day has taught  some of us to look at our lives and hopefully be better people. Not everyone will change, after all that is human nature and people will change when they want but I did make sure I did have a good day today with my boyfriend and his friends and then am home with my family.

Just remember, live your life as best as you can. Be the best person you can be and you will go back to your maker or if you’re an atheist become dust with out wondering if you did everything you were supposed to in this life. 

Robots Again.. dammit


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