Do you have a soundtrack for your life?

The thought above popped into my head while I was at work working on jewelry accessories.  I usually listen to my ipod

ooo I-Touch, i so need a new one

on my way to work and before my store opens. The reason being music speaks to my soul and always has. The saying music soothes savage beast, it is true. Human nature can sometimes be very savage.  Now, this isn’t to say that I feel like a savage beast when I wake up in the morning ( at most, I feel like a hot mess) 🙂 My I-Touch is full of variety. You can find Classical, R&B, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, millennium, pop, rock, international, Techno, instrumental, rap, hip hop and so on. I really try not to discriminate when it comes to music because I listen for beat and words and I always take my friends recommendations. After all, how can I find the soundtrack of my life by just by listening to one type of music?????

These days I am listening to more K-Pop and techno and whatever is currently on I-tunes top 10 ( maybe except for sir Justin beiber but I have one song of his, just not listening to anything else from him right now). The K-pop came about because of  recommendations from my boyfriend’s cousin ( Hi Lady M) and people I found on Tumblr (told you I was a Tumblr fiend). Never realized how much music is over there and how over psycho some of the fans  are. I swore in the U.S. they were bad but nothing compares to those fans that idolize Korean pop stars.

Anyhoo, when I thought about the soundtrack for my life, I realized that my I-pod is perfect for me. Though I don’t consider myself over moody, Sometimes my Ipod will give me the right song just for picking up my mood.

My current soundtrack is as follows:

Sofi Needs a ladder (original Mix) – DeadMau5

Cosmic Girl (classic mix) – Jamiroquai

Killer/papa was rolling stone – George michael

Universal Mind Control- Common

Keep Your Head Down – TVXQ

Beautiful People – Chris Brown featuring Benny Benassi

Nu Abo – f(x)

Alright (fred Falke remix) – Jamiroquai

Superthug – Noreaga

Strong Baby(cover) – Various artists

Da Rockwilder – Method Man & redman

Run the world Girls – Beyonce

Whats your soundtrack??


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