Dark Girls – Preview ( documentary about exploring deep seated biases and attitudes about color)

While cruising around FaceBook a couple of days ago, my friend posted a video link about a new documentary called Dark Girls. This documentary speaks on the deep seated biases and attitudes about color especially with dark skinned women. Watching this documentary hurt my heart. I sat there watching all these beautiful women of color speak of the hurt that they had to endure just because of the color of their skin. It is bad enough when black people get it from other races, but this hate is coming from other black people. Our slave history has locked us into this mentality and because of the separation back then, it only enhances it now.  The documentary preview also showed an interview with what I consider a young black man who stated that dark skin women do not look good next to him and he prefers lighter skinned women. When I heard that , I wanted to smack the hell out of him. How do you not appreciate your own blood? I would love to know what his parents look like. His ignorance only reinforced why black people cannot unify.  Some of our own men do not even like us but I bet he would be the same one to have a snide remark if he saw a black woman with a another race. (i digress).  Then they showed a young lady ( I assume she was a senior in high school) she stated that she feels natural hair is “DIRTY LOOKING”.She felt her natural hair is dirty looking. ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS YOUNG LADY!!!!!??????? It is the hair you were born with and you feel it is dirty. Talk about a warped sense of self. Yes there are some black women who have a softer texture  but we were born with a tight curl and if any of you know anything about black hair care companies, there are so many products now for natural hair that it is staggering.  But to say that natural hair is dirty, girl please check yourself.

I honestly cannot wait to see the full length documentary to just learn more about how deep this self hatred goes. Divide and conquer is what they use in wars and in the war against black people, it has and still seems to be a very powerful weapon.

We cannot help they way we are born. We cannot determine our skin tone ( no matter how much science seems to want to make a race of super babies) but I thought in this supposedly progressive times we would have gotten better. I guess I was wrong.

I do hope you all check out this documentary.


One thought on “Dark Girls – Preview ( documentary about exploring deep seated biases and attitudes about color)

  1. Wow. As soon as I saw that little kid saying the lightest picture was smart because she was white…rage set in and my eyes started watering. It was really painful (and infuriating) to watch.

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