Snide Remark……. Oy Vey…




It bothered me then about a month ago and it bothers me still. Some construction worker who is/was black decided to say to my Filipino

Hunny and I

boyfriend “”You are the wrong race for her (meaning me)”. He  was upset as we walked on towards the waterway. I did not hear the comment but once he told me, I became extremely upset.  I was upset because my mother did not raise me to make to judgments on  people. How people choose to live their lives is their business. I know people get upset when other races date but isn’t the point to get along. How can we say we want people to get along but NO NO NO don’t you date someone from a different race.

Give me a break people. But what the comment did was bring me back to reality. People will be people. They are mad at themselves and decide to throw their comments on others.

We pass strangers everyday and we only get what I consider a “trailer” (like when you see movie trailers) of their lives. Unless we know theses people personally, we will never have an idea of what brought them to the point that you caught them at in their lives. Maybe if people thought it about it like that, they wouldn’t make such a judgment on people. I don’t honestly care who my friends’ date ( as long as they are happy) so why should I give a flying F&^K who strangers date?



YA FEEL ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!