For the love of Pete——- Why does it Take someone to their last nerve for people to react

It never ceases to amaze me.Human beings are the strangest creatures. While talking to my most important parental unit aka MOM, she told me that she had a mini breakdown yesterday. She basically did a primal scream and then she told me here brain had shut down. Back story, times have not been well in my house as with most people in these times, but nerves in my house are FRAYED!!!!!. But the reason for the frustration had to reflect on my stepfather is treating my mom. ( Personally, anyone who treats my mom badly is on my shit list , but leave it to god and karma to handle the retribution. My Mom has told me that she has never been treated well by anyone and that everybody felt the need to just say anything you want to her because she may be a little loud and boisterous.  My mother basically laid it on the line with my stepfather. Told him everything and anything that was bothering her about their relationship. Now before you think my mom took too long to say anything, she has been talking forever but I have a feeling as with most men, when they feel their women are just nagging, they just tune them out. Once my mom said she wanted a divorce, then all of a sudden, He woke up.












So he then proceeded to say his peace and how he wants to make the marriage work. AGAIN!!!!! why is it takes ultimatums for people to actually do something. It is not like this was not something he really didn’t see coming. I know it is painful to face the truth of a situation, but it shouldnt take someone being at the end of their rope before you get off the damn pot. If this post seems a little preachy or upset, it is. I have lived on this earth 35 years and realized that only the truth will set you free and the earlier you face the facts, the less pent-up anger and frustration later.


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