Enter End o Year —— and some new prospects

FIRST AND FOREMOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love Mordicai and Rigby

Well, I will be finished with my second Bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising as of this Saturday. ( Yeah I’m Done oooo I’m Smart).
To Top it off, I made the Dean’s list for my last semester.. again OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂

Now that I closed another chapter in my life, I began a new one as this one is winding down. I have decided to be a lil more altruistic and Teach English abroad 🙂 That is right loves. Im going overseas. I am truly excited about doing this. I have decided that I wanted to teach in South Korea. I have been telling the universe, god and my friends and family this is what I am going to do, so Imma do it.

im Going there 🙂

I have already found a place in NYC that teaches the TEFL/TESOL courses. (I love NYC cause it has everything) so I will be doing those classes in late March / Early April. I have already renewed my passport, will be studying for my learner’s permit and driver’s license (I know am a late bloomer with this,but hey better late than never and I will be learning to drive stick) giggles.

Also I will be learning Korean and will be looking for classes here in the city and doing Rosetta stone as well. (Yeah I am on my grind). I also began a beautyblog and a FB Like page  and I created a Youtube page for it. ( Yes branching out). It is nice to branch out and enjoy this fabulous world we live in going for it and it feels amazing.

The end of this year does not feel like it did last year. No longer looking to the future in dread but with open arms and learning to accept the good and the bad.

Looking for forward to 2012.. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!