Happy Lunar New Year – Year of the Water Dragon– HELLO 2012

Hello Good People. Sorry I have not posted in a bit. I have been keeping busy with a new passion I recently re-discovered the last 3 months of 2011. I have begun a new journey into loving beauty, hair and makeup. With this new passion, I have created new social media outlets. Ever since I rekindled this part of myself, The fact of not being afraid of being an amateur has not stopped the energy flowing extremely in positive and constructive ways.  Here are the Links to my new part of myself : Beauty Blog , Twitter, Tumblr, FaceBook, YouTube ChannelMy Mischief eye tutorial – just one of the few videos on my Beauty Channel.

Now before you guys think I have given up on photography or blogging about life in general, nope. Photography and I have a love/ hate relationship only because as of late, I have not felt truly inspired to shoot. I know what the block is and I am going to get over it. I know I have to get started shooting again since I know I will not be here for at least a year and I need to have NYC with me when I go abroad.

shot by yours truly

I do hope that the followers I have here will also follow me on my beauty journey as well. This Lunar Year brings much energy and life and I am going to take full advantage of it .