Hidden Racism…. the cancer no one wants to talk about

ImageHey  Good people. I’m back. So I am quite sure by now you have all heard about sir Jeremy Lin and his amazing skills in helping the NYC Knicks win basketball games. Sir Lin is Asian-American and so he is making his race proud by his skills and now people are coming out of the wood work to put him down by using such titles as ESPN’s gem ” Chink in the armor” when they lost and now the rant between Sir Floyd Mayweather and a Ms Jenny Hyun whose recent tirade about the genocide of black people has brought her severe backlash.

Now I am not condoning anyone’s behavior in this whole saga, what it has brought to my mind is something that has been brewing for a very long time in this world: HIDDEN RACISM.

These days we are so PC or politically correct about everything that when people come out there ass, the world is in an uproar. I do not know why that is. Racism will stay prevalent as long as some race feels they are superior to another. Being an African-American or black person ( whatever floats your boat to call me), I know my race is general is hated and has becomes the worlds whipping boy in the sense of how people will say “well, at least I’m not black”. It still amazes me that a culture that has helped pushed this world forward whether on their backs or through their intelligence is still seen as inferior to everyone else.

We have also seen this hatred towards Jewish people, IE Mel Gibson and John Galliano.  What I cant understand is why hide your hatred? If you truly hate a race solely based on their color or skin or religion, then let it fly high. After all, we are always taught to be true to ourselves and why lie about the hatred you have for those. It doesn’t matter how many laws we make to help end discrimination. These laws only work really in workplaces and only to a certain extent because we have all heard stories about people getting passed over and the reasons are glossed over about incompetence and such till the person either gets fired and then proceeds to sue the company for wrongful dismissal.

Hidden racism is something very much alive and well and when people reach this boiling point, that is usually when this is expressed. My thing is , if you hate then hate. Don’t gloss it over, don’t make it shiny. Let it be the dark and horrid place in which your mind and soul lie. Honestly if you are open with your hatred, no one can ever say you were lying to them or yourself.

Also, the idea of going to rehab or blaming real psychological conditions on why you spewed your racist  rants is an insult to those that really need help in rehab or have real psychological problems. After all, you would think in this new millennium we would have grown but honestly, iIfeel we have taken 20 steps back.

BE HONEST WITH YOUR HATRED !!!!!! Let the world know what a cad you are but don’t act stupid or feign bullshit apologies when the backlash comes.