The New World War – War on Women

Well well well. There is a new world war. Here I am thinking it’s going to be a nuclear holocaust, Post apocalyptic ,zombie filled, Four horsemen and all we know of what could happen.

Instead in this new millennium, Male senators and congressman decide that the real threat in the world is not nuclear but biological. It seems the United States now wants to control what a woman does with her reproductive organs.

Please take a look at these articles Georgia , Arizona and Texas. Why are these men that are born from women all of sudden feeling the need to control womens’ reproductive organs?When did this become an issue for Congress and the government to worry about? Please advise when church and state need to control when I give birth, should I give birth or even carrying a still-born fetus to term?

What the hell is going on people? I mean there has always been a battle of the sexes but now some Man wants to control what my insides do or don’t do? Please advise me oh wise and all-knowing congressman, what would your lives had been had your mothers decided not to have you. Oh yes , that’s right . Your dumb ass would not be here. All this control men want to have on women’s reproductive systems when they cannot even control themselves.

How many times have we heard politicians doing BS things not respecting the sanctity of marriage? I guess this is where the lack of respect begins for men. Secretly hating their mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and nieces because somehow we are the bane of their existence. WE MAKE UP YOUR EXISTENCE. WE ARE A PART OF EACH OTHER. There should be no reason for women having to plea with men to leave our bodies alone. We can in no way shape or form tell men where they can stick or not stick their penises.

SO my plea to this government, Take care of real issues, American Healthcare, education, economy and stop trying to blindside us with bullshit propaganda and get back to job that my taxes are paying you to do.


We plan, God Laughs…. and boy is he laughing at me

Hey Good people. Well this has been somewhat of a weird week. Last week I was “let go” or to put as my ex boss did ” I can no longer put you on the schedule”. Basically I was fired.








Please no one cry bloody murder. I made a mistake and though in my eyes not a huge one (Like theft or hurting someone), It was enough to get me terminated. Honestly, being fired didn’t hurt as much as thought but after careful reflection, I figured out why. I did not like the new regimen that came into the place. We all know how it is when different personalities come rolling up in places and when you are used to doing certain things and then the rules change or maybe your personality just doesn’t get along with. The most constant in life is change and when it comes, how we react to it, determines how ours lives will go.

I know I do not mind a few days off. After all, this time off, I have been able to blog more and get more of my ideas out for my two books, and really re-connect with people. Inherently, I know I am still shy though some would never know it.

From my previous posts, you all have seen what I wanted to accomplish this year but to lack of funds, some ideas are now on a different time frame. Notice I said time frame and not back burner. My dreams I realize are not meant to live in the back burner but they each have a time for them to come to fruition.

It is time for me to stop waiting for things to get done when it requires me to do them. I have been writing these books for years and I think God finally just sat my ass down and is saying

LOOK. GET THEM DONE. TIRED OF HEARING YOU BITCH AND TALK ABOUT THEM. JUST DO IT.” (Also, should that last part offend anyone over religious, get over yourselves. I have a healthy relationship with God and he talks to me the way any caring parent would when their child is or has lost their way).

I am now working on stressing not working if that makes any sense. After all, I do have bills I do have to pay but truth be told, I could not have a home, a caring and loving mom, or be dying from a incurable disease. I am slowly beginning to realize, I need to be happy and thankful.. I mean truly thankful… for all that I have been blessed with. We are all a product of our thoughts and these negative thoughts need to go.

Enjoy your Saturday Loves. I got some work to do 🙂






“Don’t Phunk with my Heart” – is he playing?

Hey Lovelies. Hope all is well in your world. This little POV today about someone coming back in my life. Now, I haven’t spoken this person in about 11 years so believe when I am feeling a bit suspicious. After all, I really do not many men that actually think about wanted to contact someone after 11 years especially when they have been married and recently divorced.

Now to say he has said everything to get back into my heart and while I will admit, it has worked… a huge wall came crashing down almost immediately because realism came in an sat itself in my heart.  After all, he came into my life after I put set plans into motion and my emotions began to derail me from my goals. Now, while I love being in love, as I have have gotten older, I have become quite realistic about love. I have things I wished to accomplish and though there a saying ” we plan and god laughs”, I know that he has put me on a path. My Biggest query is to whether this person that has come back what his purpose is here.. to help or to dissuade. After honestly thinking about it, I realized he isn’t going to stop me from my goals and if he really cares , he would not stand in my way.  The other side of the coin is he has some old baggage that he honestly needs to care of before any woman enters his life or he begins a new relationship. I really don’t know too many women who will tolerate his ex wife’s stuff still taking residence in his apt almost a yr after they divorced. If there are lingering feelings, he will need to deal with those and in his own time. No one can rush how someone is not supposed to the song goes Life goes on …and so do I 😉