“Don’t Phunk with my Heart” – is he playing?

Hey Lovelies. Hope all is well in your world. This little POV today about someone coming back in my life. Now, I haven’t spoken this person in about 11 years so believe when I am feeling a bit suspicious. After all, I really do not many men that actually think about wanted to contact someone after 11 years especially when they have been married and recently divorced.

Now to say he has said everything to get back into my heart and while I will admit, it has worked… a huge wall came crashing down almost immediately because realism came in an sat itself in my heart.  After all, he came into my life after I put set plans into motion and my emotions began to derail me from my goals. Now, while I love being in love, as I have have gotten older, I have become quite realistic about love. I have things I wished to accomplish and though there a saying ” we plan and god laughs”, I know that he has put me on a path. My Biggest query is to whether this person that has come back what his purpose is here.. to help or to dissuade. After honestly thinking about it, I realized he isn’t going to stop me from my goals and if he really cares , he would not stand in my way.  The other side of the coin is he has some old baggage that he honestly needs to care of before any woman enters his life or he begins a new relationship. I really don’t know too many women who will tolerate his ex wife’s stuff still taking residence in his apt almost a yr after they divorced. If there are lingering feelings, he will need to deal with those and in his own time. No one can rush how someone is not supposed to feel..as the song goes Life goes on …and so do I 😉


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