The most dreaded phrase in any language : ” We need to talk”

Hey good People. At some point in each of over lives, we have heard that dreaded phrase. Whether parents, significant other or friend, the ” We need to talk” statement brings up feelings of fear and dread and usually will result in being told about yourself. I have used this statement a few times in my life and honestly, I really hated it. The reason why this statement sucks is because why would you wait so long to tell someone what exactly is bothering you. Usually, this comes when there is a build up of things about that person that really upset you. You have let these things fester for so long that it almost becomes a blur of anger and emotion. Image Why do we as human beings always hold on to issues instead of honestly dealing it when it happens? I find that it is just like putting something in a pressure cooker. It builds and builds and then some minute thing occurs and then we blow up like a powder keg.  The person on the end of said explosion may be slightly confused as to why something so miniscule would cause you to blow up like that.

Now to be fair, sometimes people do not listen when you are trying to help them. You can tell them till you are blue in the face and it is almost like yelling at a brick wall.  But if the indiscretion has happened, please take care of it right then. Do not let it fester. I feel sometimes , these feel like a 30 sec society. Just like with advertisements or ads,  we sometimes forget that working things out takes time and not all things can be solved quickly.

Also, taken care of the issue when it happens, lessens the amount of stress in your life and with how the world is going these days, try and alleviate as much stress as possible.

We have a enough BS that we deal with oh the regular and you should not have to just hold things in just cause you want to spare feelings. People sometimes for get that each relationship has two people.. So therefore, you have to not only worry about what your feeling but you have to be prepared for what their response is. I was talking about this with my sister this morning and we came to the conclusion that all these new technologies have crippled mankind’s ability to actually have manners and be respectful to each other.

Good people, handle every issue when it happens and arises especially when you know it is going to affect you way past that moment. Though everything that happens is not earth shattering, taking care of at the time will save you heartache later on.