Why I have my many questions on the Sanctity of Marriage?

Now, I have had my issues with marriage since youth. Unfortunately, my mom and dad’s marriage did not bode well.( he was physically and mentally abusive). My mom divorced his abusive ass. The rest of the women in my family married fools and non-caring men who had children and decided to go off and make other families. While, I can sit here and blame the men, I do fault the women who allowed this to happen instead of just letting them go (I’m digressing). But seeing how marriage has become a mockery at times, I wonder why this country is an uproar about gays  or homosexuals ( which one is more PC, I can’t keep up) when heterosexuals cannot seem to get it right for themselves.

But this post is not about the right for gays to get married. I personally think they should and get all the perks and tax breaks that come with it ;). This post is actually about the sanctity of marriage.

Recently while I was at my job, I witnessed something I thought would only be saved for Skinemax movies. For those of you who maybe confused about what Skinemax means, it simply is the cable channel Cinemax which is known for showing soft core porn movies. ( cleared up for you. good, let’s proceed). So, one of my co-workers is married and has been married it seems since about the age of 18. He is 20 now. He is going to school in NYC while his spouse is back in their home state. They both planned to live in NYC and they are both saving up. (This is the intel I have gathered). One day, my co-worker was assisting a customer and everything seemed NORMAL.  As I going about my duties, I noticed the customer was waiting outside. Again, normal because people do meet people. It just got strange when my co-worker left hand in hand with said gentleman and walked off. As I watched this transpire, I look over to another co-worker with this incredulous look on my face who simply stated, Girl, that happens more than you know and always for money..


Now this person is married, spouse is at least 1,000 miles away. You need money and instead of possibly reaching out to your spouse for support, you will risk your marriage and your safety for a date this will pay for your “services”?

You know the boy who cried wolf??? Well I cry BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things like this cause me to give marriage the side eye. After all, we always bitching about people being faithful while just being in a relationship and then marriage you know.. better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live… now you have to worry about your spouse bringing potentially life threatening issues home.  I know this isn’t anything new but seriously, why get married if you cannot control your urges and your selfish exploits just so you can be “happy”? Why go through the issues of guilt and drama when this particular circumstance can be avoided?

If people do not have respect for themselves or other people, than why get married? Why waste the effort and time. Life wasn’t built to be easy but damn causing drama unnecessarily….

So if my whole view on marriage is skewed and may not be something I see in my future, these are the reasons. I have seen the good and struggles and marriages get stronger, humans are fickle and I would not like to be a situation where somebody may not want to be in. We all hope we make the right choices in mates but since most people don’t know themselves that well, how can you expect to truly know someone else. I just hope my co-worker protected himself and won’t bring anything home to his spouse ( no matter how loosely he seems to use the term)

F*(&ing idiot.


2 thoughts on “Why I have my many questions on the Sanctity of Marriage?

  1. i think more women than you would imagine feel this way in nyc. when you get out to the country or midwest….marriage becomes a social custom that you feel pressure to adhere to…but here, we can say…yeah, marriage might be bullshit…let me think on it some more years. Great post!

  2. Indeed Waldina. This whole socialization is for the birds. While I know why people do and want to get married, after a while it seems like a mute point if you are entering it for comfort reasons, what I should do reasons, or well no one else wants me reasons, or I am getting older so I better. Marriage is definitely not on my top list of this I want to do in this life. I just want to be with someone who can handle that. Like i said , I want to marry for right reasons so it will be a while for me too 😉

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