New Relationship Matrix…. yes I used matrix cause I swear I am caught in it

Hey Good People.  I know I have been harping on relationships for bit. There is a valid reason. I swore I had a handle on what relationships were. You know two, friendships, small things build up , anger, fights, breakup, marriage children…all those wonderful feelings and emotions that we human beings can’t control 😉

But as of late, I have been noticing a trend and it is one I am trying to get comfy with. This trend is the ex’s knowing or having access to their ex ‘s information and new life. Now before somebody goes “Well what if they have children??” Um, I am not talking about those relationships. After all, you both brought a child in the world so your connection is kinda permanent.  No.. what I am talking about is you have broken up with the individual yet there are still texts, phone calls and emails that seem to not stop.

I am kinda understanding though because I partly blame social media and how people never really want to end relationships especially if you guys really broke up because you realized you were better friends than lovers.  You know, stalking ex’s page on FB or twitter account.  Image

I will say that I do have some level of contact with my ex’s but again that depends on how our relationship ended. Again, I am the type to let people go. I always have been. I do not fight over guys and if I am not chosen, i go into oblivion (at least in their world). After all, I didn’t win and why would I make an ass of myself.

Now my access to my ex’s is like honestly mostly through Face book. Messages of how are you? hows the fam? hows life treating you and the infamous Happy Birthday reminder. 🙂 I do have contact with one of my ex’s family but that’s because they are great people but again I do not make my presence as heavily felt because I am not part of that relationship anymore.  There is a certain level of space given because I respect the fact that I am not part of that relationship anymore.

Image But I am not the queen of the random Text. Meaning, my ex’s will not receive a text out of the blue on some random day with some weird question or update. I am sure you guys may have seen or heard by now about the ex-girlfriend who showed up to her ex boyfriend’s wedding and began a fight…

Ex girlfriend Brawls at wedding <—- check the link

REALLY!?!?!?! So she runs up in her ex’s wedding and starts a fight with the bride… Again.. This to me is TOO MUCH ACCESS AND SHE HAD TOO MUCH INFORMATION ABOUT HER EX…..

That example above though extreme is very telling about how we are now handling past relationships. I do not wish any ill will on any of my ex’s. After all, I want people to be happy, fulfilled and moving forward but My reach out is through message and honestly I am so transparent that if their new main squeeze doesn’t want them to have any contact with past loves, I am the type to totally respect and not interfere with that relationship. Though I am fully reasonable , I have my jealous tendencies but I keep them in check. I respect that there were people prior to me but I am slowly realizing that I have to get acquainted with the past coming back.

We need a new relationship how to book for these updated and supposedly modern times.


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