Oh Yes… I have an attitude…. let’s examine why

Hey People. I found this above e-card on one of the many funny pages on Face Book. The statement above rings true. Personality and attitude are two different things.  Personality can be something developed over time and is a permanent part of you. Attitude is something that is assumed t certain points and especially dealing with certain people.

The problem is no one knows exactly what type of attitude you will have because it comes about depending on your feeling about that person. Even when you love someone, sometimes you just want to be bothered yet they will come talk to you, sit with you and inside you are probably crying out ” JESUS, give some space” But  you do not want to be too hurtful so you may say .. just give me a few minutes. Even with that somewhat pleasant statement, there is the Question “Well why do you need a few minutes? Simply state” Not in the best of moods”. Most people will take that as their cue to exit your space.

We try our best to put our best faces forward when meeting new people and those who mean a lot to us.

For example, today I received a phone call that really has set my attitude off. Long story short, because of my error in breaking rules at my old job, they wish to protest my unemployment. Let me be clear. I broke a rule. I did not steal but they are going to protest after i signed off on what i did.

Really?!?!?!?!? So after being unceremoniously dismissed, you are protesting what I said happened even though I signed off on what happened!!! wow. Way to stick to the little person. But you know what, they do not treat people right anyway so this behavior doesn’t surprise. So again, i had to relay what I had told them to the state. I did and you know what, though upset, I do not ever have to deal with them again. I am gainfully employed and I no longer need to collect. ( I was not even going to file anymore) So basically, the universe made it clear though I was not going too. But sometimes, we need these clear messages so we can remember the people and places we deal with. Now while I could blast the name of the company here, what would be the point? I am not messing with my karma just to spite them. They messed with mine and what ever retribution happens to them, I do not care to know.

Again, though I am angry (though not as angry as earlier), everything in life tests us. It is up to you to choose how you wish to deal with it.

All I need is strength now to reinforce my soul and not lose my smile or happiness because of this ISSUE.

Notice the difference between personality and attitude. I hope you do 😀


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