North Kakalaky……… Stop Excuse me North Carolina… What’s really going on?

Morning Good People. Now I know I have a few southerners that do read my blog from time to time so this is not meant to offend but I am sure many I have you have read about North Carolina passing an amendment in their constitution banning same sex marriage and civil unions.  It seems as though most people who voted didn’t realize that it would also impact heterosexual couples as it also banned civil unions.


From a report on CBS, I am pulling this particular statement…

Tami Fitzgerald, head of the group Vote FOR Marriage NC, which backed the amendment, told the AP it sends a message to the country.

“The whole point is simply that you don’t rewrite the nature of God’s design based on the demands of a group of adults,” she said.

That above statement is extremely loaded.  The discussion of church and state again. What I am not understanding is when did this country turn its clock backward. Why are church and state now bedfellows? Now before anyone says I do not believe in God, that would be a lie. I believe in god, universe, mother nature, father time and omnipotent being. But we seem to forget the bible and most tomes of religion were written by man meaning man is dictating what a being we cannot see but only feel said. While some tenets ring true, if god made us in his image, then why is this image skewed when it comes to homosexuals? (Again, food for thought)

Some states want to keep it man and woman but as we have seen time and time again, this whole sanctity of marriage thing somehow just doesn’t work. There is has been such a breakdown of the marriage state between heterosexuals but we want to keep it just between men and women because………..

Again, my views may be skewed but to me… if two people are happy and in love, they wish to spend the rest of their lives together , what does it matter if they are straight or gay??? what does someone’s happiness have to then be ok’d by religion and religious individuals.

And now civil union is no illegal. Again, what some legislators may be slow to realize is that with all these lovely amendments banning a very hot button issues such as gay marriage, it will have a effect than just that issue….

Let’s think about a few potential scenarios…

1) Tourism drops for states that do not support this issue

2) Moving out the state…and no new moves into the state

3) Losing votes for any politicians against this issue;

I am sure there are many scenarios that more people can come up with but honestly, break it down to dollars and cents because though it seems this government wishes to put us back in the dark ages but if people will really pay attention.Believe when we really find our voices, this government will have to move itself forward again.


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