Why do they call it Wireless when you are still Hardwired?

Hey my good people. Unfortunately for the 3rd time in my life, I have lost my Damn CELL PHONE . It is gone. Not sure where. I am thinking there is a black hole and in the other dimension, my other self has my phone.Anyhoo, you know why I am fretting about it so much??? because I wont get my images back. I had a memory card from my old phone in there and it had all my pictures. Being a photographer, my property being out there random UGH… So annoying.

However, I realized that not being wireless or stuck to the hip to my phone is a bit refreshing. After all, I am not one of those whose phone gets blown up with calls and texts every second. I used my phone mostly for checking my emails, taking pics, checking FB and using instagram. The next seven days well 8 , I will be without a phone :(. Right now, It is just nice. Take me back to when I was younger when you were not low jacked into everyone and everything. When a status message was actually told to you rather than posted.  You know where waited for someone and not texting every second, “where are the hell are you?” Truth be told, I am a bit of a homebody for various reasons. Main being I am usually catching up on sleep or writing or blogging. There is a level of comfort in not being hard wired into the net. I swear sometimes I feel like a am battery in the matrix

Maybe the above is my code. What I do find funny is even though I am electronically blogging, how comfortable we as humans have gotten with being hardwired into this supposedly growing wireless world. We live for free WiFi spots, phone plans with 4G (advise what 4g actually means)m I just know its fast, Instant results or likes to our statuses, losing our grasp of the English language faster than when it was made, questioning how we spell certain things. It seems so weird to me now that we even need to announce when we are doing the most base of things. Things we would tell our friends afterwards we have to announce to whole world. I know I am guilty of it. Hell I tweet but I have two blogs I update and I actually do learn a lot from the people I follow and things I would like to do I an find info on from people who are actually doing it. I know the internet or world wide web ( yes I am showing my age) connects us to the world and while I am happy for the level of transparency that is occurring ( especially in media and politics), I always wonder when is enough really enough for the everyday person? I have friends on Facebook that post every second as if is twitter. Whether sociopolitical or the fact they did something asinine, somehow everybody needs to know. The worst offenders are the ones whose feelings get hurt and proceed to post these vague statuses begging for attention (self esteem issues much). I know I went off an different tangent than where I began but again, it will be nice to not be constantly checking my phone for messages that may not even be coming in.



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