Being Comfortable is a state of Mind

Happy Wednesday  to all you good people. Today, random thoughts have been brewing in my brain and one just bubbled to the top. I am never really ever , ever comfortable. The reasons for this stems from youth and even into adulthood. What I realized is every time I got somewhat comfortable, things always had a way of backfiring. I do not know if I am putting just this feeling out there in the universe.   I have always gotten used to the other shoe dropping. What I have realized though is Human Beings seemed to be hardwired into always looking at the negative even when trying to be positive.

I have realized I need to stop worrying and just let life come. Start focusing on the positive and things going right. Whether I sound like a hippy and always focusing on the positive. I do not mind doing things outside of my comfort zone. It is a matter of training my mind to think positively . This is going to take some time since it took most my life thinking negatively.  I found a great saying this morning and I am going to add it to my morning mantra ” STOP BEING AFRAID OF WHAT COULD GO WRONG AND THINK OF WHAT COULD GO RIGHT”

As Mr. Miyagi said ” STAY FOCUSED” So that what it is going be.

Peace Loves


3 thoughts on “Being Comfortable is a state of Mind

  1. That is so right. Some days it is difficult to remember these simple truths. When my mind is working on the right plane I can actually visualize open parking places in front of where I am going. I thought this to be a coincidence until it became the norm

    • That is so awesome. It is nice when you can see the great things in your mind and the world just opens them up for you. Hope all is going POSITIVE and wondy in your world 😀

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