Never go it alone….. if you can help it

Hey good people. You know  the saying ” God only helps those who help themselves”


Well as most of you know, I am starting a new business for my self. I have been reading and and researching. Looking at what a business plan means, setting up the business for ( tax purposes), learning about what I might need to finance, possible getting  micro loans, grants and such I have learned I need to reach out to my friends just for advice and tips.

Making the pieces fit

We all know that web and our smartphones have connected us and some how have dumb some of us down, but I am trying my best to keep my brain as active and keep my grammar up to par. ( I know I fail sometimes, I ADMIT IT )

I decided to talk to my friends, all of who have their own businesses whether new or established and asked advice on where to look for loans and grants, get books on starting business and marketing properly. There is so much information out there that sometimes it is hard to figure what to follow.  This is why I enlist the help of friends. They know the pitfalls and can offer advice on how to get through them. I am true believer in slow and steady growth so next month I will begin my “Alchemy” and seeing what happens. I already have one friend who wishes to test the products ability to hold up in shipping and try it for herself. I am truly excited!!!


see that’s me on the inside

I have already created an e-commerce website ( YEAH). Need to find great labels, business cards. I have already found websites to source my product ingredients, tubes and wands. Again, I am excited but cautious. This is definitely outside my comfort zone but it feels right.

Here are a few links that may help you budding entrepreneurs


Brighter days are showing signs of coming

Hello Good people. The past few days good things are happening for me and those around me. Very very Exciting. My SO aka Significant other has just landed a new job to help him on his way of increasing his revenue and savings. I spoke with him yesterday and I honestly have never heard so much excitement in his voice ( I do love hearing people excited).

As we were talking (or should I say me listening, my baby loves to talk), he was already formulating what his article will be about and how it should be written.  To hear this, made my heart swell (am not sure if he knows that) but I am very happy for him. He says doing these articles will help on his own journey of writing and then publishing his novel. He has also created a FaceBook page for his new blog called Rotten Reelz which will showcase all his opinions on various Movies, TV, and anything else that tickles is his reviewing fancy. The Blog Rotten Reelz is in its infancy but I have no doubt, some will get a kick out of the level of snarkiness that will occur. ( and Yes I know some of you are thinking, well he is your SO, so you are going love it) Not necessarily because though we may love and support those in our lives, we do not necessarily like everything they do like a F*&ing lemmings 😉

As for me, some of you already know I have a beauty blog. I have decided that I am going to start my own cosmetics line. OH YEAH!!!!! Im so hearing the cheers ( I thank you , i thank you) .

Seriously though, I want to start this and see how far I can take it. There is no more try in my Vocab. It is now just do. One of the coolest things about starting your own business is truly forcing yourself outside your comfort zone and thinking in different ways.  I am very excited and nervous which means this is going to be a very good thing for me.  While I will be reaching out to those already in business for advice and tips, the research and leg work will be my own.

I cannot wait:)

Cause She is a Diva… EH.. She is the ” Granola Diva”

Hey Good People. A slight detour from my regularly scheduled programming. I am actually posting an interview I did with someone getting into the foray of Natural snack goodness.  Introducing the Granola Diva.

Here are my questions posed to the new queen aka Diva of healthy Snacks

1)      What made you want to start your own business?

I come from a long line of  hard workers. My Dad has owned his own business for over 30 years and I guess I have always wanted to be like my dad! (Haha) Plus there is nothing in the world like hearing your friends and family say “OMG… Did you really make this?”

2)      Why granola?

Wow… It’s simple, really good, really healthy, and who doesn’t love a healthy sweet treat?!?

3)      What made you chose the name granola diva?

I’ve always been Diva this or Diva that… so why not the Granola Diva? Plus the concept of custom and fresh granola is so DIVA, and its fun! I mean you get what you want when you want it… That’s the DIVA way! HAHAHAHA… I just used my slogan.

4)      Where do you see your business growing into?

I see my business going nationwide and I see people chatting about the new blend they tried.

5)      Will you send freebies out to prominent food and snack bloggers?

YES!!! Free is great!

6)      How has reaction been from family and friends?

My friends and family have been so supportive. They keep telling me that I have a great product and should be proud. To be honest I am… I also have friends who are like family. They are my testers, my proof readers, and my therapists when I need them.

7)      In the future, will there be additions to the menu?

Yes! I am working on a chewy granola and more flavors. I don’t think I am going to leave the granola business… but you never know…

8)      What’s turnaround time for shipping?

I prep all of the orders within 2 days of the order and it is shipped the next day. I want the product to get from my kitchen to my DIVAS and DIVOS ASAP!

These are the 3 sizes you can order this delicious Granola in

9)      What are your prices?

I have bottles that range from $10 to $20. I tried to make it so that everybody enjoy my custom granola and get the title of DIVA / DIVO

10)   Did you see this as need to be filled in the marketplace?

I think so. I mean we get lots of granola in boxes… but there is nothing in the world like getting exactly what you want each and every time.

11)   What are your short term goals?

My short-term goals are to get more LIKES on Facebook (, get more followers on twitter (@TheGranolaDiva)  and reach as many people as I can on my website (  I also want to get people chatting about The Granola Diva.

12)   Do you think it is hard to start up a business in this economy?

I think it’s a sacrifice that you have to be ready and willing to make.

13)   When you sell offline, will you be a cash business or have the ability to accept debit/charge cards?

When I sell offline I do accept cash, but I also have a square and PayPal  (I tried to cover all my bases). 😀

14)   What is your website link?

15)   How do you plan on marketing your business?

I made a Facebook page, I have a twitter, I am looking into some local farmers markets, and I have family marketing my granola in different states. I also plan on offering my jeweled granola at local runs, and fund raisers

For all my lovers of snacks, I feel you should make the Granola diva a part of your life and health. Why not eat something that makes you feel good on the inside so you can look good on the outside ?

Around my Home…. Just a few Images

Hey Good People. Today, I decided to get started on a project I told my mom about last week. My Mom and I were discussing what we could do around the house to get rid of things we don’t use or haven’t used. So I got up at 8 am ( though I did not leave my bad till 8:30) and got started on my internal to do list.  I did not write any of these goals down because I knew what I had to do.

1st: Put my clothes in the wash. I know it does not seem like much but I do not know too many that truly love doing laundry.  Once the clothes were in wash, I came back upstairs and proceeded to clean out the bottom of my closet.

2nd: Cleaning out just the bottom half of my closet was a bit of a chore. I had 2 huge plastic bins that had shoes and clothes in them. I decided to throw out what I was not going to use and sell what is in sell-able condition on eBay. (Mind you, the images of products will not be taken till Saturday)

3rd: Throwing out things is such a truly cleansing experience. And don’t worry I recycle and make sure everything is separated.

4th: When I went back downstairs to put clothes in the dryer, no one was in the building’s laundry room ( this is why I like doing laundry early)

When I came back upstairs, I put on my Spotify app with my playlist and proceeded to finish up the 1st step in this project. As I was going through this, I check my instagram and saw one of my fav people’s images Waldina (   Check her out) and decided to take some images around my home.

Here is what I took… ENJOY

Can Humans be really happy for someone Else?

Today at work I found out that one of my Ex co workers got into the program she want. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?????  I am really and honestly happy for her. What I realized though is that we actually talked about her getting into this program about a month ago. I made her visual the school and her happy color and made her believe in seeing herself there.

Opening your third Eye

Now as most of you who have read or are reading this blog may realize is that I am totally all about visualizing and seeing what you want to gain from this life.  When I heard this, I was like the visualization worked and her sending her great letter to the admissions committee helped her. I always am happy when people’s dreams come true. When I was younger, I would get jealous ( yes I will admit it) .

Envy rears its ugly head

That is the nature of what I consider ” Unenlightened Human” Now before you yell at me about being all high and mighty, understand we are all capable of great things. We just need to take time out to really get the things we want. That doesn’t just mean saying you will, but actually put in some work.  There is a saying the lord only help those who help themselves and its true. When you are honestly and truly putting in the work, notice how things begin to line themselves up for you.

We sometimes have to stop looking outward and start looking inward. We have to repair ourselves internally. I used to beat myself up internally about being a photographer. I was constantly comparing myself to others and while competition is good, I realized no one will ever share my eye or how I see the world or the person in front of my lens.

My Pic of my Friend Jason

I finally came to the realization that my biggest competition is myself and I have to keep getting better. It is more about getting past your last best and push through your walls.

I am honestly truly happy for my friend and I have finally learning to truly let the ego go. The faster I let my ego go, the easier my life is actually going to become.  I hope any of you out there realize we can really be happy for anyone else as long as we don’t let our ego get in the way.

The Art of the Self Edit……

Do you guys remember when you were kids or children ( since kids are babay goats) and you would say whatever and either bring pride or shame to your parents (depending on what you said). I can say I loved those days only because you could truly speak the truth and like it or not, it was out there for the world and the universe to listen.

I am an only child so growing up I would play with my barbies and I mean every barbie ( white, black, asian whatever different race they came out with my mom would buy) Michael Jackson dolls, Jem and the holograms ( including Misfits, Rio I guess you could say I was spoiled but having my mom tell it never was to her). I would play out all these adult scenarios (and no, not x rated) But relationships of families, Marriages, boyfriends, girlfriends, break ups, make ups. All these scenarios I made up were from either situations hearing from my family or watching tv.

The reason for the long-winded prelude is to just illustrate that as kids , we only were privy to information we saw or heard or over heard. Though our parents we teach us right from wrong, the filter to self edit gets learned later. I think I learned the art of self edit after I graduated high school.  I did not learn about truth hurting until later on in life (honest). In high school, I told my friends about themselves when they did something wrong. I always felt right was right and wrong was wrong. This however, did not always when me friends and looking back, I am kinda glad. As an adult, I have people in my life who are fully aware of the rawness around my edges and I can give as well as can take. (Taking took a little time but I finally fell into it)

Now I know as an Adult, we get into situations where we need to put on our game faces. Some people will come at you and say well, ” YOU ARE BEING TWO-FACED” Gimme a f&*king break. That is called growing up (especially in the work place). We all know how we can’t say certain things to customers, our co-workers and our bosses because we have no idea what people sensitivity threshold is and especially our bosses. Let’s get real… Most people in charge ( not all) have a complex about being in charge and freak out if questioned and if you don’t get fired, your life will be made  so miserable you will want to leave.

The Art of the Self Edit is something learned from years on being on the this planet and being surrounded by people. Listening to conversations, watching TV and movies, learning what words to use, finding that synonyms are your friend for those that may not be up to your intellect. ( that sounded condescending but we have all run into someone and have questioned how they survived this long.. Just saying)

The most I can say is try not to self edit with those who you call your best or truly close friends. You know the ones you treat like family. The ones who know you raw and uncut and still love ya. Don’t self edit with those people because if they really love you, they wont self edit with you. People always get unhinged when people argue with them but realize people argue cause they  care. When you don’t care, you don’t fight and you don’t disagree.

I have some fabulous people in my life who I do not have to self edit with and I love them Forever.

Raindrops keep falling on my head……

Well today was quiet but serene. One thing about rainy days (at least for me) is they offer a time to reflect.  A chance to think about everything going on in my life. After all, I am vain so I am going to make this about me. (joking..ha ha, sarcasm)

<—not mine.

Being at work today and seeing the downpour, I wished I was either relaxing at home, reading and eating bad food (yes bad food) or with my Significant Other (snuggled, reading a book and eating bad food)

Then, I thought about other things I could be doing..some g rated and some X-rated (or NC-17 for you youngins).

What plopped in my dome was that people always complain about not having enough time to do anything.


??????????????????????????? what do you mean you don’t have time? We have plenty of time. The problem is figuring out what level of importance each task or job we need to do has. No matter whether you work in out in the world of work for home, we all have to prioritize the tasks at hand.  Yes there are things we put off ( cleaning up the house, laundry, taking out trash aka chores) and things that scream for our attention (paying rent, paying bills, eating and such)

So let’s break down my typical day. NO I can’t break down yours.. I don’t live your life 😉

Work an 8 hour shift

sleep about 6-7 hrs a night ( yeah, yeah, I want to get 8 but that doesn’t always happen)

That leaves me with about 9 hours of free time… So washing and grooming 30 mins to an hour ( I dont love in the bathroom unless I need to decompress)

Getting dressed again 20 mins ( I am minimal queen unless special occasion)

If I am going into the city (time depends on my destination)

So basically I have about 6 or 7 hours to do what I need.

What I love to do: Photography, write, blog.

What I need to do: Get my financial life in order, get my health together, get my mental health together, Learn to drive (don’t judge me), finish writing my two books, publish my 3 books, 2 novels and photo book, Learn Korean and Japanese

What I want to do : Move to San Diego, harass and see my friends (this includes traveling to different states or countries), live with my boyfriend, be truly happy

The best thing about all those things listed is they all work together with each other and I can accomplish all but figuring out the best time to them.

See photography I can do everyday since I have a SMARTPHONE.

my new Phone

Now, I can be a purist and be like Real Photographers have real cameras and Blah blah but the one thing I have learned being  a shooter for so long is it not about the tool you use but the inherent talent you have. Develop your talent and use the tools you have at your disposal. This means I have the potential to actually shoot everyday (WOW, that’s amazing…being sarcastic again……shoulda warned ya)

Also, since I love to blog and write and I have a smartphone (oh yeah , I’m milking it) I can download my blogging apps (gasp) and I can blog on the go. (ooooooooooo)

And (oooo oooo ooo) I can make notes of things I want to put in my book by jotting  them down in my SMARTPHONE or if you are me, carry a journal around with  a pen 😉

and think that is only one day.

I hope this gives you all a little food for thought when you say you don’t have enough time. We have plenty and while I know plenty of sayings Time is of the essence and live your life to the fullest, we you have dreams.. we have to put in the universe what you want and then put in the time to help it along.










Baby Steps— Today through my lens

Woo Hoo.. Today since I had off, I decided to pick up my Behemoth aka Nikon D200 and went for a walk around my neighborhood. I have not taken any photographs in about 3 months This day however was too good to waste.  I present through my rough eyes from months of not focusing on nature for your  enjoyment.

Believe in Yourself and others will believe in you

Happy Saturday Good People.  I do hope June is treating you all very well. Yesterday, I was having an almost all day conversation with my significant other.

I say all day because the conversation took place via FB messenger, text and then phone call. There were some time breaks in between but essentially all day.  He is having a bit of financial difficulty ( and who in these times is not). He is trying to put himself in a better financial situation and while it is admirable, I really was not happy with the way he was beating himself up. One of the reasons is because I know exactly what he is going through. I have been having the same argument with myself. It is taking me a lot of time to stop beating myself up for the past mistakes and realize I just need to take myself in hand and move forward.

As we talked, I told him ” Be phenomenal as I already know you are” He responds, ” You are awe inspiring. Now while I loved the compliment, I am not the type to blow smoke up someone’s ass especially if I know you. I tell the truth so raw sometimes I have hurt feelings.   He took sometime then to figure out what he could do and settled in on a thought I gave him about 2 months ago. When he admitted this to me, he was quite sheepish. I do not know if he thought I was going to gloat and be “I told you so”. Inside, I was happy he took one of my ideas and is running with it and making it his own but as with most things, we do everything in our own time. We all know how it is growing up. Our parents tell us something, we get upset because they are telling us what to do only yo realize later in life, they were trying to help us. I am really happy that he will find a new outlet that I know will bring him closer to his goal.

During this time this week, my sister told me she is going to be starting her own business. My sis is a fabulous cook and treat maker. She is going into making custom Granola and I could not be more proud of her. She has already LLC’ed her company and is working on packaging, logo and created a business plan. What I love about my sis is once the idea seed is planted, she grabs it by the horns and goes. She did ask me if I thought it was a great idea and I wholeheartedly agreed. I do not mind being the conduit to help people get their dreams off the ground with a simple, I believe in you.  I guess one of the reasons for this is because my Mom has believed in me since I was born.  While it does take me BS time to get started (Bad procrastinator), I do get my ass moving.

The point of this whole post is though it is great to have people believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. Those that love you and want nothing but great things for you will believe in you. Our biggest critics are not the outside world but ourselves. Let doubt sit on the side and just push through.  You are your biggest belief source and power.  Remember loves, we are only truly competing against ourselves that helps push us to be better.