Raindrops keep falling on my head……

Well today was quiet but serene. One thing about rainy days (at least for me) is they offer a time to reflect.  A chance to think about everything going on in my life. After all, I am vain so I am going to make this about me. (joking..ha ha, sarcasm)

<—not mine.

Being at work today and seeing the downpour, I wished I was either relaxing at home, reading and eating bad food (yes bad food) or with my Significant Other (snuggled, reading a book and eating bad food)

Then, I thought about other things I could be doing..some g rated and some X-rated (or NC-17 for you youngins).

What plopped in my dome was that people always complain about not having enough time to do anything.


??????????????????????????? what do you mean you don’t have time? We have plenty of time. The problem is figuring out what level of importance each task or job we need to do has. No matter whether you work in out in the world of work for home, we all have to prioritize the tasks at hand.  Yes there are things we put off ( cleaning up the house, laundry, taking out trash aka chores) and things that scream for our attention (paying rent, paying bills, eating and such)

So let’s break down my typical day. NO I can’t break down yours.. I don’t live your life 😉

Work an 8 hour shift

sleep about 6-7 hrs a night ( yeah, yeah, I want to get 8 but that doesn’t always happen)

That leaves me with about 9 hours of free time… So washing and grooming 30 mins to an hour ( I dont love in the bathroom unless I need to decompress)

Getting dressed again 20 mins ( I am minimal queen unless special occasion)

If I am going into the city (time depends on my destination)

So basically I have about 6 or 7 hours to do what I need.

What I love to do: Photography, write, blog.

What I need to do: Get my financial life in order, get my health together, get my mental health together, Learn to drive (don’t judge me), finish writing my two books, publish my 3 books, 2 novels and photo book, Learn Korean and Japanese

What I want to do : Move to San Diego, harass and see my friends (this includes traveling to different states or countries), live with my boyfriend, be truly happy

The best thing about all those things listed is they all work together with each other and I can accomplish all but figuring out the best time to them.

See photography I can do everyday since I have a SMARTPHONE.

my new Phone

Now, I can be a purist and be like Real Photographers have real cameras and Blah blah but the one thing I have learned being  a shooter for so long is it not about the tool you use but the inherent talent you have. Develop your talent and use the tools you have at your disposal. This means I have the potential to actually shoot everyday (WOW, that’s amazing…being sarcastic again……shoulda warned ya)

Also, since I love to blog and write and I have a smartphone (oh yeah , I’m milking it) I can download my blogging apps (gasp) and I can blog on the go. (ooooooooooo)

And (oooo oooo ooo) I can make notes of things I want to put in my book by jotting  them down in my SMARTPHONE or if you are me, carry a journal around with  a pen 😉

and think that is only one day.

I hope this gives you all a little food for thought when you say you don’t have enough time. We have plenty and while I know plenty of sayings Time is of the essence and live your life to the fullest, we you have dreams.. we have to put in the universe what you want and then put in the time to help it along.











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