Can Humans be really happy for someone Else?

Today at work I found out that one of my Ex co workers got into the program she want. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?????  I am really and honestly happy for her. What I realized though is that we actually talked about her getting into this program about a month ago. I made her visual the school and her happy color and made her believe in seeing herself there.

Opening your third Eye

Now as most of you who have read or are reading this blog may realize is that I am totally all about visualizing and seeing what you want to gain from this life.  When I heard this, I was like the visualization worked and her sending her great letter to the admissions committee helped her. I always am happy when people’s dreams come true. When I was younger, I would get jealous ( yes I will admit it) .

Envy rears its ugly head

That is the nature of what I consider ” Unenlightened Human” Now before you yell at me about being all high and mighty, understand we are all capable of great things. We just need to take time out to really get the things we want. That doesn’t just mean saying you will, but actually put in some work.  There is a saying the lord only help those who help themselves and its true. When you are honestly and truly putting in the work, notice how things begin to line themselves up for you.

We sometimes have to stop looking outward and start looking inward. We have to repair ourselves internally. I used to beat myself up internally about being a photographer. I was constantly comparing myself to others and while competition is good, I realized no one will ever share my eye or how I see the world or the person in front of my lens.

My Pic of my Friend Jason

I finally came to the realization that my biggest competition is myself and I have to keep getting better. It is more about getting past your last best and push through your walls.

I am honestly truly happy for my friend and I have finally learning to truly let the ego go. The faster I let my ego go, the easier my life is actually going to become.  I hope any of you out there realize we can really be happy for anyone else as long as we don’t let our ego get in the way.


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