Around my Home…. Just a few Images

Hey Good People. Today, I decided to get started on a project I told my mom about last week. My Mom and I were discussing what we could do around the house to get rid of things we don’t use or haven’t used. So I got up at 8 am ( though I did not leave my bad till 8:30) and got started on my internal to do list.  I did not write any of these goals down because I knew what I had to do.

1st: Put my clothes in the wash. I know it does not seem like much but I do not know too many that truly love doing laundry.  Once the clothes were in wash, I came back upstairs and proceeded to clean out the bottom of my closet.

2nd: Cleaning out just the bottom half of my closet was a bit of a chore. I had 2 huge plastic bins that had shoes and clothes in them. I decided to throw out what I was not going to use and sell what is in sell-able condition on eBay. (Mind you, the images of products will not be taken till Saturday)

3rd: Throwing out things is such a truly cleansing experience. And don’t worry I recycle and make sure everything is separated.

4th: When I went back downstairs to put clothes in the dryer, no one was in the building’s laundry room ( this is why I like doing laundry early)

When I came back upstairs, I put on my Spotify app with my playlist and proceeded to finish up the 1st step in this project. As I was going through this, I check my instagram and saw one of my fav people’s images Waldina (   Check her out) and decided to take some images around my home.

Here is what I took… ENJOY


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