Cause She is a Diva… EH.. She is the ” Granola Diva”

Hey Good People. A slight detour from my regularly scheduled programming. I am actually posting an interview I did with someone getting into the foray of Natural snack goodness.  Introducing the Granola Diva.

Here are my questions posed to the new queen aka Diva of healthy Snacks

1)      What made you want to start your own business?

I come from a long line of  hard workers. My Dad has owned his own business for over 30 years and I guess I have always wanted to be like my dad! (Haha) Plus there is nothing in the world like hearing your friends and family say “OMG… Did you really make this?”

2)      Why granola?

Wow… It’s simple, really good, really healthy, and who doesn’t love a healthy sweet treat?!?

3)      What made you chose the name granola diva?

I’ve always been Diva this or Diva that… so why not the Granola Diva? Plus the concept of custom and fresh granola is so DIVA, and its fun! I mean you get what you want when you want it… That’s the DIVA way! HAHAHAHA… I just used my slogan.

4)      Where do you see your business growing into?

I see my business going nationwide and I see people chatting about the new blend they tried.

5)      Will you send freebies out to prominent food and snack bloggers?

YES!!! Free is great!

6)      How has reaction been from family and friends?

My friends and family have been so supportive. They keep telling me that I have a great product and should be proud. To be honest I am… I also have friends who are like family. They are my testers, my proof readers, and my therapists when I need them.

7)      In the future, will there be additions to the menu?

Yes! I am working on a chewy granola and more flavors. I don’t think I am going to leave the granola business… but you never know…

8)      What’s turnaround time for shipping?

I prep all of the orders within 2 days of the order and it is shipped the next day. I want the product to get from my kitchen to my DIVAS and DIVOS ASAP!

These are the 3 sizes you can order this delicious Granola in

9)      What are your prices?

I have bottles that range from $10 to $20. I tried to make it so that everybody enjoy my custom granola and get the title of DIVA / DIVO

10)   Did you see this as need to be filled in the marketplace?

I think so. I mean we get lots of granola in boxes… but there is nothing in the world like getting exactly what you want each and every time.

11)   What are your short term goals?

My short-term goals are to get more LIKES on Facebook (, get more followers on twitter (@TheGranolaDiva)  and reach as many people as I can on my website (  I also want to get people chatting about The Granola Diva.

12)   Do you think it is hard to start up a business in this economy?

I think it’s a sacrifice that you have to be ready and willing to make.

13)   When you sell offline, will you be a cash business or have the ability to accept debit/charge cards?

When I sell offline I do accept cash, but I also have a square and PayPal  (I tried to cover all my bases). 😀

14)   What is your website link?

15)   How do you plan on marketing your business?

I made a Facebook page, I have a twitter, I am looking into some local farmers markets, and I have family marketing my granola in different states. I also plan on offering my jeweled granola at local runs, and fund raisers

For all my lovers of snacks, I feel you should make the Granola diva a part of your life and health. Why not eat something that makes you feel good on the inside so you can look good on the outside ?


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