Brighter days are showing signs of coming

Hello Good people. The past few days good things are happening for me and those around me. Very very Exciting. My SO aka Significant other has just landed a new job to help him on his way of increasing his revenue and savings. I spoke with him yesterday and I honestly have never heard so much excitement in his voice ( I do love hearing people excited).

As we were talking (or should I say me listening, my baby loves to talk), he was already formulating what his article will be about and how it should be written.  To hear this, made my heart swell (am not sure if he knows that) but I am very happy for him. He says doing these articles will help on his own journey of writing and then publishing his novel. He has also created a FaceBook page for his new blog called Rotten Reelz which will showcase all his opinions on various Movies, TV, and anything else that tickles is his reviewing fancy. The Blog Rotten Reelz is in its infancy but I have no doubt, some will get a kick out of the level of snarkiness that will occur. ( and Yes I know some of you are thinking, well he is your SO, so you are going love it) Not necessarily because though we may love and support those in our lives, we do not necessarily like everything they do like a F*&ing lemmings 😉

As for me, some of you already know I have a beauty blog. I have decided that I am going to start my own cosmetics line. OH YEAH!!!!! Im so hearing the cheers ( I thank you , i thank you) .

Seriously though, I want to start this and see how far I can take it. There is no more try in my Vocab. It is now just do. One of the coolest things about starting your own business is truly forcing yourself outside your comfort zone and thinking in different ways.  I am very excited and nervous which means this is going to be a very good thing for me.  While I will be reaching out to those already in business for advice and tips, the research and leg work will be my own.

I cannot wait:)


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