Never go it alone….. if you can help it

Hey good people. You know  the saying ” God only helps those who help themselves”


Well as most of you know, I am starting a new business for my self. I have been reading and and researching. Looking at what a business plan means, setting up the business for ( tax purposes), learning about what I might need to finance, possible getting  micro loans, grants and such I have learned I need to reach out to my friends just for advice and tips.

Making the pieces fit

We all know that web and our smartphones have connected us and some how have dumb some of us down, but I am trying my best to keep my brain as active and keep my grammar up to par. ( I know I fail sometimes, I ADMIT IT )

I decided to talk to my friends, all of who have their own businesses whether new or established and asked advice on where to look for loans and grants, get books on starting business and marketing properly. There is so much information out there that sometimes it is hard to figure what to follow.  This is why I enlist the help of friends. They know the pitfalls and can offer advice on how to get through them. I am true believer in slow and steady growth so next month I will begin my “Alchemy” and seeing what happens. I already have one friend who wishes to test the products ability to hold up in shipping and try it for herself. I am truly excited!!!


see that’s me on the inside

I have already created an e-commerce website ( YEAH). Need to find great labels, business cards. I have already found websites to source my product ingredients, tubes and wands. Again, I am excited but cautious. This is definitely outside my comfort zone but it feels right.

Here are a few links that may help you budding entrepreneurs


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