Expectations are the root of all Heart break — William Shakespeare (slightly modified)

We go around this huge planet of our with all our hopes, dreams and expectations. We are told never give up on your hopes, your dreams or your expectations….( apply parking brake here).

As Humans, we are messy creatures for two reasons alone. We have feelings and emotions. These two lovely things cause us to be happy, sad, angry, elated, frustrated and more. Because of this, we are seen as crazy and unpredictable. That’s why there are so many post apocalyptic movies about how it’s in our nature to destroy our selves or that we really can’t accept true happiness.

Now I am not trying to be Debbie downer but reality hits us so hard sometimes that holding on to hopes, dreams and expectations can be really hard to do.

Now, I want everyone to hold on to their hopes and dreams. After all, these are yours. These are the things that YOU want.  As for expectations, you may have to modify that slightly, especially when expecting things from other people.

Anytime we have an issue and we want things to work out in our favor, just drop that thought out of your head. Instead, expect nothing. That’s right. I said it. EXPECT NOTHING!!!!!!The reason why I say this is because staying cool and emotionless during these interactions can save you a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache.  When things work out positively, you are pleasantly surprised. When things do not work out as positive, just follow what your are required to do.  Be pleasant and follow through. This mentality will work out better for you in the long run. Bitch, moan and curse when you get home but show no unpleasant emotions while going through your interaction.

Currently, I am no longer “expecting” to hear from people who mean the most to me. Wanna know why? Because I expect that when I send a message or call, that I would get a timely response. This is not always the case. Hours, days sometimes weeks can pass before I hear anything. Now this irks the SHIT out of me. I considerate extremely rude and a lack of respect for me. ( aren’t I so full of myself) But let’s get real. Sometimes we all fall through the cracks. It just happens. I am however not going to change myself just because people are rude or forgetful. If you hit me up, I am going to respond fairly quickly, especially if it something that I can can take care of. Should it need to be a convo, I will setup a time to actually talk to you.

Now if it is someone that means a lot to me, I will want to talk to more but again should you be forgetful or just don’t respond quickly ( 24hrs), then I am going to treat you the same way. I give people the benefit of the doubt but I always behave with those they way they act with me. Sounds about right, yes?

I, personally am tired of heartbreak. There is enough grief and reality in this world without adding any more stress to my life.


Is this some sort of Joke??????

We all know the old saying ” Waking up on the wrong side of the bed” . That seems to happen to a particular family member more times than I care to count. Today was no exception. 6:00am and the fussing begins. Sometimes,  I wonder if she goes to sleep, has a dream that stresses her out and then once she wakes up, she is off and running.


So it begins with the complaints how her husband isn’t worried about the house, how she is mad that I work in retail ( mind you, i have been applying to almost ever great corporate job), and such. The whole thing boils down to that money is tight because she has bills to pay and she is tired of looking out for everyone else in the house.  basically the house is behind in paying for things. My stepfather claims he is worried but he doesn’t act like and I do not have enough money to help with this ( because if I did…..I SO WOULD…OMG WOULD I). So with all this bitching and moaning, it put me in a bad place. I was so upset and angry this morning . Then when she speaks to me she tells me I need to get her something and then asks me why I am upset. I do not have time to deal with this . People give you advice on how to take care of things but you want to do it your way, so go ahead.

DO  IT YOUR WAY but stop bitching.

Bitching, moaning, worrying and stressing unfortunately does nothing but put you in an early grave. I am not some  over positive hippie but I do believe things will work out, it unfortunately takes time.

Today I was going to clean up my room and clean the bathroom. Since she got me so riled up, I basically took care of all of that in 3 hrs. I mean I literally threw out textbooks, boxes, shredded and cleaned the bathroom. Tomorrow I have to clean the rest of my room but I take things in parts. That way it truly gets done. I really and truly want to get away from this place but I am trying to stay as calm as possible because I am paying off everything that is not necessary and just get it done.

It is just really annoying that she just keeps stressing and then everyone around her is on edge. Misery loves company and i refuse to go that party. LORD GIVE MY MOM STRENGTH AND GRANT HER PEACE OF MIND… PLEASE

Happy Birthday America – A whole 236 Years OLD (Hope you can get Social Security)

” There’s gonna be fireworks (FIREWORKS) on the fourth of July (RED, WHITE and BLUE) — one of my fav lyrics from School House rock about this wonderful Holiday today.

American Flag

Our Forefathers decided that they wished to be their own country and free from tyranny. On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified and the Fledgling US of A began. Fast forward 236 years and we seem have forgotten what this day means. We had people defending a freedom that was so precious and a could have been lost at anytime. These days, all the holidays that celebrate what people have done to defend our freedom has turned into retail shopping days and days for us to be gluttons and flaunt the supposed freedom we have.

What I come to realize is if we do not honor our history , it will be lost on the next generation. I can guarantee most do not understand the ramifications of history behind days such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s day. All these events have been clouded by us getting days off and celebrating. Now I am not saying we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves, but there should be a level of reverence for each of these days. It may be great times to shop, eat, go to beach or have just a day off but realize there were men and women that fought hard and continue to fight hard for the freedom we sometimes take for granted. We look at other countries and think we are still the best thing since sliced bread but because of all our inner turmoils, the rest of the world has left us kinda behind.

Enjoy the fireworks.. just take a little time to remember why we can celebrate so well 🙂




Single Mom… Not new concept so why is there still fretting about it

Hey Good Folks. So recently I saw an article on Nia Long about her being a single mom and it seems people are in an uproar about her statements about single mom hood.

Nia Long on the cover of Essence Magazine

What I am trying to figure out is why is what she said about being a single mom such a big deal? If she asked god if she should have a child out of wedlock and did, who are we to judge? I am product of a single parent home. My mom raised me by herself because my father was a physically and mentally abusive asshole and my mother was determined to not have me grown up around that. Everyone has their own reasons for why they do what they do.

Single Parenthood somehow became less of a stigma as celebrities began to do it. After all, We have all seen how marriage keep people together ( insert chuckle here). For every marriage that is amazing and working, there  is another that is falling apart at the seams because they got married for wrong reasons (I could list here but that another blog).

While I will say I wish I had a stronger male role model (because the men in my family, wow some real gems (sarcasm) ) but I let life, time, nature and the universe teach me what I need to learn about the male of the species.  ( I am still learning)

There  was a time when I thought about just getting artificially inseminated and having a child without a benefit of a husband. Why go through dealing with someone who may not be prepared to have a family. Though no one is fully prepared, you have nine months to truly gear up so Put your big girl panties and your big boy drawers on and get on it.

Single parenthood is something that sometimes we do not have control over and the sad things is , humans still going around judging people as if we were created perfect from birth. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be going  through pain, growth, finding strength and never let anything get us down.