Single Mom… Not new concept so why is there still fretting about it

Hey Good Folks. So recently I saw an article on Nia Long about her being a single mom and it seems people are in an uproar about her statements about single mom hood.

Nia Long on the cover of Essence Magazine

What I am trying to figure out is why is what she said about being a single mom such a big deal? If she asked god if she should have a child out of wedlock and did, who are we to judge? I am product of a single parent home. My mom raised me by herself because my father was a physically and mentally abusive asshole and my mother was determined to not have me grown up around that. Everyone has their own reasons for why they do what they do.

Single Parenthood somehow became less of a stigma as celebrities began to do it. After all, We have all seen how marriage keep people together ( insert chuckle here). For every marriage that is amazing and working, there  is another that is falling apart at the seams because they got married for wrong reasons (I could list here but that another blog).

While I will say I wish I had a stronger male role model (because the men in my family, wow some real gems (sarcasm) ) but I let life, time, nature and the universe teach me what I need to learn about the male of the species.  ( I am still learning)

There  was a time when I thought about just getting artificially inseminated and having a child without a benefit of a husband. Why go through dealing with someone who may not be prepared to have a family. Though no one is fully prepared, you have nine months to truly gear up so Put your big girl panties and your big boy drawers on and get on it.

Single parenthood is something that sometimes we do not have control over and the sad things is , humans still going around judging people as if we were created perfect from birth. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be going  through pain, growth, finding strength and never let anything get us down.



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