Happy Birthday America – A whole 236 Years OLD (Hope you can get Social Security)

” There’s gonna be fireworks (FIREWORKS) on the fourth of July (RED, WHITE and BLUE) — one of my fav lyrics from School House rock about this wonderful Holiday today.

American Flag

Our Forefathers decided that they wished to be their own country and free from tyranny. On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and ratified and the Fledgling US of A began. Fast forward 236 years and we seem have forgotten what this day means. We had people defending a freedom that was so precious and a could have been lost at anytime. These days, all the holidays that celebrate what people have done to defend our freedom has turned into retail shopping days and days for us to be gluttons and flaunt the supposed freedom we have.

What I come to realize is if we do not honor our history , it will be lost on the next generation. I can guarantee most do not understand the ramifications of history behind days such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s day. All these events have been clouded by us getting days off and celebrating. Now I am not saying we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves, but there should be a level of reverence for each of these days. It may be great times to shop, eat, go to beach or have just a day off but realize there were men and women that fought hard and continue to fight hard for the freedom we sometimes take for granted. We look at other countries and think we are still the best thing since sliced bread but because of all our inner turmoils, the rest of the world has left us kinda behind.

Enjoy the fireworks.. just take a little time to remember why we can celebrate so well 🙂





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