Is this some sort of Joke??????

We all know the old saying ” Waking up on the wrong side of the bed” . That seems to happen to a particular family member more times than I care to count. Today was no exception. 6:00am and the fussing begins. Sometimes,  I wonder if she goes to sleep, has a dream that stresses her out and then once she wakes up, she is off and running.


So it begins with the complaints how her husband isn’t worried about the house, how she is mad that I work in retail ( mind you, i have been applying to almost ever great corporate job), and such. The whole thing boils down to that money is tight because she has bills to pay and she is tired of looking out for everyone else in the house.  basically the house is behind in paying for things. My stepfather claims he is worried but he doesn’t act like and I do not have enough money to help with this ( because if I did…..I SO WOULD…OMG WOULD I). So with all this bitching and moaning, it put me in a bad place. I was so upset and angry this morning . Then when she speaks to me she tells me I need to get her something and then asks me why I am upset. I do not have time to deal with this . People give you advice on how to take care of things but you want to do it your way, so go ahead.

DO  IT YOUR WAY but stop bitching.

Bitching, moaning, worrying and stressing unfortunately does nothing but put you in an early grave. I am not some  over positive hippie but I do believe things will work out, it unfortunately takes time.

Today I was going to clean up my room and clean the bathroom. Since she got me so riled up, I basically took care of all of that in 3 hrs. I mean I literally threw out textbooks, boxes, shredded and cleaned the bathroom. Tomorrow I have to clean the rest of my room but I take things in parts. That way it truly gets done. I really and truly want to get away from this place but I am trying to stay as calm as possible because I am paying off everything that is not necessary and just get it done.

It is just really annoying that she just keeps stressing and then everyone around her is on edge. Misery loves company and i refuse to go that party. LORD GIVE MY MOM STRENGTH AND GRANT HER PEACE OF MIND… PLEASE


2 thoughts on “Is this some sort of Joke??????

  1. Thanks Ingrid. I am going to stay positive because I know things will work out. We have been down too long so we have to get back up. Hugs

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