Expectations are the root of all Heart break — William Shakespeare (slightly modified)

We go around this huge planet of our with all our hopes, dreams and expectations. We are told never give up on your hopes, your dreams or your expectations….( apply parking brake here).

As Humans, we are messy creatures for two reasons alone. We have feelings and emotions. These two lovely things cause us to be happy, sad, angry, elated, frustrated and more. Because of this, we are seen as crazy and unpredictable. That’s why there are so many post apocalyptic movies about how it’s in our nature to destroy our selves or that we really can’t accept true happiness.

Now I am not trying to be Debbie downer but reality hits us so hard sometimes that holding on to hopes, dreams and expectations can be really hard to do.

Now, I want everyone to hold on to their hopes and dreams. After all, these are yours. These are the things that YOU want.  As for expectations, you may have to modify that slightly, especially when expecting things from other people.

Anytime we have an issue and we want things to work out in our favor, just drop that thought out of your head. Instead, expect nothing. That’s right. I said it. EXPECT NOTHING!!!!!!The reason why I say this is because staying cool and emotionless during these interactions can save you a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache.  When things work out positively, you are pleasantly surprised. When things do not work out as positive, just follow what your are required to do.  Be pleasant and follow through. This mentality will work out better for you in the long run. Bitch, moan and curse when you get home but show no unpleasant emotions while going through your interaction.

Currently, I am no longer “expecting” to hear from people who mean the most to me. Wanna know why? Because I expect that when I send a message or call, that I would get a timely response. This is not always the case. Hours, days sometimes weeks can pass before I hear anything. Now this irks the SHIT out of me. I considerate extremely rude and a lack of respect for me. ( aren’t I so full of myself) But let’s get real. Sometimes we all fall through the cracks. It just happens. I am however not going to change myself just because people are rude or forgetful. If you hit me up, I am going to respond fairly quickly, especially if it something that I can can take care of. Should it need to be a convo, I will setup a time to actually talk to you.

Now if it is someone that means a lot to me, I will want to talk to more but again should you be forgetful or just don’t respond quickly ( 24hrs), then I am going to treat you the same way. I give people the benefit of the doubt but I always behave with those they way they act with me. Sounds about right, yes?

I, personally am tired of heartbreak. There is enough grief and reality in this world without adding any more stress to my life.


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